Posted by: Kathy Temean | June 10, 2010

Art Exhibit Winners

The illustrators who attended the conference last weekend participated in a faculty juried art exhibit.  I think everyone who attended was impressed with the caliber of illustrations displayed.  I know I heard many of the editors and agents say how difficult it was to judge.  I also heard many non-attendees in the hotel walk by the exhibit and comment on how much they enjoyed viewing the art, so I congratulate all the illustrators who exhibited.  I would like to introduce you to our winners.


Beth Bogert won first prize, which was a free membership to SCBWI.  Beth also was a runner-up in our Annual Logo Contest.

You can see more of Beth’s work by going to


Lisa Falkenstern tied for Second place with Doris Ettlinger.  You can see more of Lisa’s artwork by going to  

Doris Ettlinger, the other second place winner and Lisa won a years subscription to Sprouts Magazine.  You can see Doris’s New Jersey Shore Illustration below and see more of her work at

Penny Weber and Bruce Arant tied in for third place and won an autographed Richard Peck book.

Here’s Bruce’s artwork and a link to view more.

And Penny Weber below and her link:

Somehow the poster that I had made up to show off the Logo Contest Winners disappeared on Saturday, so her is what the poster looked like for those of you that missed it.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. LOL, Kathy, I’m glad you posted the poster ’cause being the oblivious person I am, I zeroed in on the registration desk ’cause that was my job at hand, and completely missed the poster! lol

    And I love the artwork. I have to say, though, that since last year, when I first saw Beth Ann’s work at the intensive, I fell in love with her style 🙂 I was so happy for her!


    • Donna,

      We certainly had a lot of wonderful artist show their work. In fact, I heard the editors talk about how talented our members are.



  2. Thanks for posting all the winners – they deserve it! BTW, I just noticed Beth Ann’s link is going to a Page Not Found … :o(


    • Jeanne,

      Thanks for pointing that out. She doesn’t use the middle name in her domain name. It’s right now.



  3. hmmm – that was supposed to be a sad face! Guess my use of the keyboard for emoticons isn’t very good!


  4. […] There was also a juried art show organized by Leeza Hernandez, which was a first for the NJ SCBWI conference. You can read about the winners of the art show and view some of their beautiful artwork on Kathy Temean’s blog. […]


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