Posted by: Kathy Temean | June 5, 2010

Tracey Berglund – Illustrator Saturday

Last Weekend Tracey wrote and article about her trip to BEA.  I wanted to share a few more pieces of her artwork and give you a sneak peak of the picture book she is working on.  But first a little bit about Tracey:

Tracey Berglund is a native Brooklynite whose latest watercolors of Brooklyn and New York City emerged unexpectedly from her recent return to the Park Slope/Gowanus area of Brooklyn.

Her career as an illustrator, artist, teacher and designer has taken her to London, Stockholm, Rio and Cape Town where she has also resided. Always inspired by her surroundings, Tracey’s latest works embrace the renaissance which Brooklyn is presently undergoing and the diverse communities thriving within it.

Tracey’s preferred medium is watercolor dyes and ink. She appreciates the spontaneity. vivid color, and transparent qualities of the medium as well as it’s ability to convey the lively energy of the scenes she depicts from real life.

Her commercial clients include:The Gap, The Food Network, Nokia, Nickelodeon, Virgin Atlantic, IBM, VH1, Target, Intel and the US Departments of Energy and Education.
Tracey has also worked extensively with non-profits as an art and language teacher most recently in Cape Town and also through IBM.Tracey K. Berglund
Tracey studied at FIT, The School of Visual Arts and the London College of Printing.
Here is the art from her picture book work-in-progress.


917 238 6767  
Hope you enjoyed Tracey’s artwork.  Next week I am featuring Elena Caravela. She will be taking you step-by-step through the making of the artwork that was featured on the cover of Sprouts Magazine’s first issue this year.
If you are an illustrator and would like to be featured in “Illustrator Saturday”, please e-mail me with your bio, some artwork, your picture and link to your website.
Talk tomorrow,


  1. Really great work there. I’m a big fan of watercolors!


  2. Hey, Kathy 🙂

    First—the conference was SO great! (but more on that later…)…

    Tracey, I absolutely LOVE when loose artwork is done so well, and IMO, this is! And the premise of the picture book is adorable. Good luck with it and I’m glad you shared your work with us 🙂


    • thanks so much, I thought the conference was fantastic too…I was impressed and overwhelmed. enjoyed meeting such nice interesting people.


      • Tracey,

        I took a VERY quick look (practically speed-walking) up and down the art display downstairs, so I’m not sure if I saw your name. Did you participate in the intensive or juried art show? (I didn’t.)


      • Tracey,

        Hope you come out to some of our other events, too.



  3. Love the picture of a Brooklyn street!


  4. I love these drawings! I hope the artist, Tracey, gets to show more of her work somewhere..


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