Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 28, 2010

Award Winning Author Ann Rinaldi

I have very exciting news.  Ann Rinaldi has agreed to critiquing the first 50 pages of one of our conference attendees to help raise money for our Scholarship Fund.  Ann is a noted author of 45 Young Adult books  Her first book was published in 1979.  If you visit her website and scroll down her list of books, I think you will agree  that Ann is a prolific writer.  Heck she has published 21 books just since 2000 – quite an accomplishment. Her books garner great praise for the strength of their characters and dialog.  If you have read any of her books, you will know she has mastered writing historical fiction for young adults. I am very excited to have her donate a critique to help out a member attending the conference.

Ann is attending the conference on Friday, so maybe you will be lucky enough to spend a few minutes talking with her.  It is perfect, considering that we are having our historicall fiction Intensive on Friday morning. 

Ann first became interested in studying American history when her son became active in Revolutionary War re-enactments when he was in high school. Writing historical fiction has since then become a passion for Ann Rinaldi. She spends a great deal of time researching the historical periods in which her novels take place to insure the accuracy of the settings and draws from her own life experiences to develop the realism of her characters. The conflicts which her protagonists face reflect concerns common to young adults, past and present.

Check out Ann’s website at

Talk tomorrow,


  1. Sounds like a great opportunity. I’ll take a wander over to her site now. Thanks for the details.


    • I really like your gravatar. For some reason, I seem to be drawn to cows lately. Milk fever,

      The garden center near me is selling large cement scultped cows. I would buy one if they weren’t so expensive. I’d put it on my front lawn and dress it up for each month of the year. It’s a good thing they are expensive, because my neighbors would have a fit. Anyway, thanks for visiting.



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