Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 24, 2010

eBooks Help Book Sales & June 5th Dinner

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about how I wanted to hold on to the printed book, but after seeing the video of an Alice in Wonderland video of an ebook, I was more open to what they bring to the table.  Yesterday Donna Taylor pointed out the article titled, eBooks Have Resurected the Printed Book by Jennifer Havenner from the Huffington Post on May21st.  Thank you Donna for passing this on.  Here is an excerpt:

Books are not going anywhere. Neither is publishing. Since Gutenberg made his epic contribution to the human race, publishing has secured a place as one of the largest and most profitable industries in history. In that time, publishing has adapted to major technological changes, survived economic meltdowns, persisted through political censorship, and made it to the other side of catastrophic price wars. The likes of Simon & Schuster and Random House are not going to lay down simply because more than 25% of their potential customers bought electronic version of books instead of much more expensive, hard to warehouse, and returnable physical books. If the mainstream publishing world’s enthusiastic embrace of eReaders is not evidence enough that they are doing fine, than their stable sales through the largest economic disaster in our nation since the Great Depression should be.

Small publishers need not worry either. They are vanguards in this new trend, innovating and competing in ways the big boys can’t catch up with. Like the music and movie industries have experienced, independent book publishers are on the cusp of transitioning into the very lucrative mainstream market.

If anyone should be concerned, it is the bookstore. Amazon’s healthy five-year trend indicates that the flight from brick and mortar is not subsiding anytime soon. Couple that with the middleman-eliminating eReaders than bookstores have a great deal to worry about. And their 15 point drop last year is only the beginning. It is the bookstores that need to break into the market with a bullhorn explaining the value of the printed book, not the publishers.  Read more…

Today I rented a room for our after the conference dinner that I talked about on May 14th on this blog.  We are going to the Salt Creek Grille at the Forreststal Village in Princeton, NJ.

We are starting out with hors d’oevures, followed by a four course dinner and drinks.

There are a few spot left.  Let me know if you would like a spot with the editors and agents.

If you are signed up for the Historical Intensive on June 4th with Carolyn Yoder and have not e-mailed your first page to Laurie, you are going to miss that opportunity.  You are already late.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Kathy, thanks for the article by Jennifer Havenner. I found it very interesting as I try to keep up with the latest news in books and publishing.


    • Mary,

      I think we are on the cusp of lots of new ideas in the publishing industry.



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