Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 23, 2010

Posner, Van Beek, Jaffa at Folio, Jr. & Social Media Talk

On May 9th, I reported that Emily Van Beek was leaving Pippin Proporties for four-year-old agency, Folio Literary Management, because they were expanding their presence in the children’s book market.  Two days ago Publishers Weekly posted this information saying they were launching Folio Jr., which will represent creators of middle-grade and young adult novels, as well as “selective” picture books. Emily forgot to tell me the name.  Also they hired Marcy Posner, who joined Folio in early April and was most recently an agent and foreign rights director at Sterling Lord Literistic.  Folio’s Molly Jaffa will also represent clients for the division, though Folio Jr. will also encompass other children’s/YA authors at Folio, including those represented by other agents.
“We really want to be able to give children’s book authors a full-service experience,” says Posner.  “We see this as a real growth area. With Emily there and with Molly being promoted to an agent, it was not an opportunity to be passed up.”  Emily also echoed this same sentiment to me when I was talking to her in the beginning of May.
Emily van Beek will represent middle-grade and YA authors, as well as be a “picture book point person.” Jaffa has sold subsidiary rights at Folio since 2008, and will focus on middle-grade and YA fiction.  Posner will continue to represent Newbery Honor-winner Jacqueline Kelly (The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate) and Jan Bozarth and a number of adult authors.
Remember Emily is going to join the networking dinner we are having on July 28th.  I will be putting up the price on one of my posts next week.
Most of my time today was used on creating a PowerPoint Presentation for my talk about Social Media at the conference on June 4th.  Here are some of the things I will be discussing:
1.    Amount of hours adults and kids are spending on social media and
       how it has grown.
2.    Setting goals.
3.    Making a plan and sticking to it.
4.    How to build buzz – ideas.
5.    How to become an interesting and relevant voice.
6.    What you should include on a blog.
7.    How to drive traffic to your blog.
8.    Twitter
9.    Facebook and Linkedin
10.  Lost opportunities
11.  How to get noticed without a blog.
12.  Social media definitions.
Let me know if there is something important you would like to know that I could address in my presentation.  I’ll try to add it.


  1. Kathy, I signed up for this and hope I wasn’t too late to fit in! This whole area stresses me out *sigh*

    I don’t know if this would be a good thing to fit in, (or perhaps it’s something you could focus on at the next conference?), but I really want to know more about tools to create websites. I purchased Web Easy, but it’s truly over my head doing it without help. I simply have no clue. Maybe you could just touch on this subject…


  2. Donna,

    I will talk a little about websites, but I think I need to help you after the conference with the software.



    • Thanks, Kathy 🙂
      Whatever works, my dear! And glad to send you that link 🙂


  3. Donna,

    I just built my website using It’s free and worked great for me. You start with template you can customize. check it out.



    • Mary, thank you 🙂 This looks like it offers similar stuff, like what I used on geocities. I have a couple of basic websites up, but I have an idea for what I want to do in relation with my writing and illustrating, only I’d like to incorporate simply animation perhaps. I don’t know if it will require actual training or better software, neither of which I’m in the market for at the moment. I’d love to be able to execute what I’m thinking though.

      I’m guessing that Weebly can be uploaded to any site? I’ll have to look at it more. Thanks so much!


      • Donna,

        Just check with me before you spend any money. I didn’t check this one out, but some places do not let you do the things you want to do with your artwork. Can’t help right now, but I will check it out after the conference.



  4. Kathy, thanks! You’re so kind 🙂

    What I’m doing with my possible website is definitely not something to be concerned about now, for sure, with the overload of the conference. I know I won’t be ready to touch it anyway, but I’ve had an idea for months now (it’s what prompted me to get Web Easy on sale), and I think—when the time comes—it could be really good when I do it.

    Thanks again, and I hope you (and Ame) and anyone else working late, can get some sleep soon 🙂


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