Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 22, 2010

Raffle Critique Opportunites & More

I listed the critiques donated by the editors and agents that are in the Silent Auction a few days ago, but here are some critiques you can win in the raffle. For as little as $5 you can have a chance to win one of the below critiques:

Anna Olswanger – Agent, Liza Dawson Associates Literary Agency – Submit a picture book dummy or the first 20 pages of a novel and receive a free 10-minute phone consultation about your work.
Sudipta Bardhan – Full Picture Book Critique by Sudipta Bardhan
Dianne Ochiltree – Full Picture Book Critque e-mailed
Eileen Kennedy-Moore – lunch and Picture Book critique
Jody Staton – 30-pages of copy editing by a professional copy editor
Laurie Wallmark – One-hour phone consultation re: children’s books. Topic chosen by winner
Leeza Hernandez – Two-hour in-person portfolio/PB dummy critique for illustrators
Leeza Hernandez – One-hour phone PB critique for writers with emailed critique
Anita Nolan – 30 page MG or YA novel critique by author and Sprouts editor Anita Nolan
Sheila Wright – up to 15 pages for a critique by the NJ Children’s Writer’s Guild
Rachelle Burk – Professional Critique of a PB or the first 7 double-spaced pgs of a novel,author of TREE HOUSE IN A STORM.

Signed and numbered Gilcee Print titled, Exploring the Garden donated by Kathy Temean

Folkmanis Hand Puppets – Collectable no longer being made, Seagull, plus Long Legged Monkey donated by Kathy Temean

Does your book have a monkey or a seagull in it?  These top of the line hand puppets could really help make your school visit.  Lots more items in the raffle.  You should check yesterdays post again.  I added more info on the dinners.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Kathy-Our Fearless Leader,
    You are doing an awesome job!! I APPRECIATE ALL YOU DO!!
    (and I am donating some of my baby creations, some of which are seen in this blog entry )


    • Betsy,

      It sound like something anybody to use, even if you don’t have a baby, somewhere along the line you will want to give a gift to someone who is having a baby.




  2. Kathy –

    Your print is gorgeous!



  3. Exploring the Garden is precious!
    and I love the monkey puppet 🙂


    • Nata,

      Thanks for the compliment. The puppets are really high-quality and so much fun. Look forward to seeing you soon.



  4. Rachelle,

    Sorry about that. I will correct it right away.



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