Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 21, 2010

More Editor and Agent Dinner Opportunites

First, I want to apologize to my visitors who are not attending the conference I’m running in June, for not keeping up my usual posts.  I just can’t find the extra time to do the research I need to provide a decent post on improving your writing, right now.  Of course, everyone can jot down the names of the editors and agents we’re working with and maybe pick up some underlying information about them.  In a little over two weeks, it will all be over and things will get back to normal. 

Yesterday, I said I was working on summer dinners in NYC with editors and agents for the Silent Auction.  That isn’t exactly right.  Last year, we did put them in the Silent Auction, but there were some problems.  I had gotten so many editors and agents that after the conference I realized that there weren’t enough weeks in the summer to do them all.  To get around this, I made each dinner have four editors/agents.  I never thought anyone who bid would complain that there were too many editors/agents and were upset.  The other thing I didn’t realize was that some of the dinners would not get high enough bids to pay for the cost of the dinner.  So, for all my effort and work, I had some members who weren’t happy and we lost money. 

Feeling unappreciated, my first thought was to not do them again this summer.  It takes hours and hours of work to make them happen.  I spent all summer working on them.  But many members did appreciate the effort and found them to be a great networking opportunity.  They were fun, even the editors and agents enjoyed themselves, so I sat back and tried to think of a way to do them without killing myself and not having members complain.  This is what we are going to try this year:

I am shooting to get four editor/agents for each dinner.  Here are the dates that I am working on, right now.

June 29th and June 30th  NYC

July 14th Princeton, NJ

July 27th and 28th NYC

Aug. 3rd & 4th NYC

Maybe another date with Artist reps, Art Directors and PB editors – Four total.  I haven’t started to work on that, yet.

On Friday June 4th at the conference, I will put out a sheet of paper for each dinner with the date, the editors/agents, restaurant, cost of the dinner and the amount of people who can attend.  I will ask for a certain dollar amount that will cover the members dinner and part of the editors/agents dinners and a few dollars for the Scholarship Fund.  I will also put this out to the attendees before the conference, so everyone will have time to consider if they want to grab a limited spot. 

Some people do not like the idea of paying for a portion of the editors/agents dinner, if you are one of these people, then these dinners are not for you.  I wouldn’t expect our guests to come out and pay for their own food and drink.

Here is what I have so far:

June 29th

Rebecca Frazer – Editor, Sourcebooks, Jabberwocky
Marissa Walsh – Agent, Fine Print Literary Agency
Michelle Poploff – VP Editorial Director, Random House
Catherine Onder – Editor, HarperCollins
Shauna Fay – Assistant Editor, Putnam

June 30th

Stephen Barbara – Agent, Foundry Literary + Media
Alison Wortche – Assistant editor, Knopf Crown
Karen Chaplin – Editor, Puffin
Erica Sussman – Editor, HarperCollins

July 15th

Magery Cuyler – Publisher, Marshall Cavendish
Marietta Zacker – Agent, Nancy Gallt Agency
Carolyn Yoder – Editor, Calkins Creek; Sr. Editor, History, HIGHLIGHTS
Teresa Kietlinski – Agent, Prospect Agency

July 27th

Holly McGhee – President, Agent of Pippin Properties
Tamra Tuller – Editor, Philomel
Lisa Yoskowitz – Assistant Editor, Dutton
Eve Adler – Associate Editor, Henry Holt

July 28th

Kelly Smith – Editor, Sterling Publishing
Emilly Van Beek – Agent, Folio Literary Management
Steve Meltzer – Associate Pub/ Exe. Managing Ed., Dial, Dutton, & Celebra
Sarah Barley – Assistant Editor, Henry Holt

August 3rd

Mary Kole – Agent, Andrea Brown
Connie Hsu – Assistant Editor, Little, Brown & Co.
Kate Sullivan – Assistant Editor, Little, Brown & Co.

August 4th

Sean McCarthy – Agent, Sheldon Fogelman Agency
Heather Alexander – Assistant Edition, Dial BFYR
Regina Griffin – Sr. Editor, EgmontUSA

Maybe there are some of you who have some writing tip you could share with everyone.  If you do, I would love you to send it to me for a post.  Thanks!

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Well said, Kathy! More exciting opportunities. You know, having just moved here from a different area of the country, I am amazed at the amount of work you do for this chapter which provides us with RARE opportunities to connect one on one with agents and editors. We all know it is the personal connection that gets us out of the slush pile and on the road to publication and I feel very fortunate to be a part of this group. I’ve got two dates I’d like to sign up for. Do you know the cost yet? And did someone really complain about paying for part of the editor/agents dinner? People never cease to amaze me.


    • Nanci,

      I’ll be working on what I have to charge this week and then post the cost. See you soon,



  2. I just spontaneously caught fire. ANYBODY who dares criticize even the slightest detail of the selfless, heroic efforts of Kathy for all of us NJ SCBWIers shall suffer the immediate and full Wrath O’ Ame. Fear me.

    That said, Kathy, the dinners sound marvelous. Love you!


    • Ok, Ame…considering you are SO NOT SCARY, the full Wrath O’ Ame isn’t really terrifying. That said, I agree. Kath, YOU ARE AWESOME!!

      The dinners sound incredible.

      Sending hugs to both (and extra sleep to Kathy!)–



      • Halle,

        You and Ame are great. We have really formed a nice group of people and I have been lucky to have you as friends.



    • Ame,

      People like to complain. I could see it if this was a paying job, but we all give so much to make it the best conference out there, that it is disheartening sometimes.

      Thanks for all your help,



  3. Kathy, I am a regular visitor to your blog. I will not be attending your conference. I wish I could. I’ll enjoy what you share on your blog. Kathy, don’t you ever
    apologize for anything. You have provided me with so much helpful information, I can’t say “thanks” enough.
    Mary Nida Smith


    • Mary,

      Thanks for letting me know you have gotten alot from reading my blog. I hope someday you will be able to come to an event or that we meet some other way.



  4. Go Ame!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve got your back!


  5. Kathy, I’m with Ame. You know what you do, we know what you do. We appreciate your effort and results. For those who criticize, try getting these networking opportunities on your own. Shame on you.


    • Barb,

      Thanks! Didn’t mean to look for pats on the back. See you soon,



  6. Rock on Fearless Leader!
    Big hug,


  7. It looks like we’re all of like mind here, as it SHOULD be! The full Wrath O’ Ame! Lovin’ it! As writers we must be very strong people to deal with rejection, so as a group, we are generally strong of character—-well, we who know what to be grateful for, and your efforts, Kathy, are VERY appreciated! The “NJ” in NJ SCBWI doesn’t just stand for “New Jersey”—-we are the “NO JIVE” chapter of the SCBWI! 😉

    Using the cliche a bit differently here:

    The pen IS mightier than the sword!

    Love, hugs, and appreciation to you, Kathy, and EVERYone who works so hard putting all of this together. It’s a monumental effort and invaluable to the vast majority of attendees, INCLUDING THE FACULTY!

    And honestly, you are SO busy now, you shouldn’t feel you have to apologize for not posting here every day. To me, if you posted even once a week at this time, it would be amazing!


  8. I really enjoyed last year’s dinner!! Hope to do it again.

    You do a GREAT JOB!



    • Chris,

      Thanks for the comment. I really do think most people enjoyed them. I just had an editor say she would come, because she had such a nice time last year.

      See you soon,



  9. I think you do amazing work Kathy. And let those that complain be the first to raise a hand and volunteer for next year 🙂 The dinners sound like a fantastic networking opportunity.


    • Jeannine,

      They are. Like I said the editors and agents even like them. I think we are building our reputation out there.



  10. Okay, I live Far Far Away, but I’d be scrambling to bid on one of these dinners. How fabulous. Brilliant. You guys are so fortunate and should send Kathy a huge bouquet of flowers!

    Kathy, I’ve enjoyed every minute of your conference posts.



    • Kristin,

      Where do you live? How far away? Thanks for letting me know you were still interested in reading about the conference. Maybe you can plan o n coming next year.



  11. WOW!! What an amazing dinner last night in NYC! I got to know many new agents/editors, made personal, one on one contact with editors I met at the conference (and believe me, this gives me a HUGE advantage going forward!) and learned about more writers who are going through the same process I am. Made new friends, had a wonderful dinner, and the organization of the event allowed for maximum benefits to writers and editor/agents alike. Thank you Kathy and Laurie! I’m hooked!!


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