Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 16, 2010

Picture Book Successes

Let me say, I don’t really know if picture books are on an upward trend, but I have heard from five members who have sold picture books in the last ten days.  So I am hopeful that it really is a trend.  I thought you might like to hear the success story below; all due to attending last  year’s June conference.

Tiffany Strelitz Haber with agent Teresa Kietlinksi at Prospect Agency, and subsequently we have landed contracts for 2 rhyming picture books: “The Onster” (title may change) Holt/MacMillan. Scheduled release: Fall 2012 and “Ollie and Claire” to Philomel/Penguin, scheduled Release: Spring 2013.  Tiffany says, “All of this was the result of attending last year’s SCBWI annual conference. I used the stickers given out, and the lists of editors/agents, and everything just fell together.”

Two days ago I received an invitation to attend Kat Yeh’s book party that her publisher is throwing for her.  Here is the cover of her first book, “You’re Loveable to Me.”

Ame Dyckman landed agent Scott Treimel at last year’s conference and sold her picture book to Knopf and this week they signed Dan Yaccarino to illustrate her book titled, “Boy and Bot.” 

You can keep the ball rolling by coming out to conferences, improving your writing skills, then submitting your manuscripts to the editors and agents you meet. 

Oh, I promise to let you know about the other successes as soon as I can talk about them.

Good luck,



  1. How exciting is THIS?!!!! I absolutely LOVE Kat Yeh’s cover!

    And wow!!!! Dan Yaccarino for Ame’s! This is SO wonderful!

    Congrats to ALL of you!


  2. I mirror Donna’s comments. Way to go All!


  3. Great news for all of them — so wonderful to hear!!!
    NJSCBWI is the BEST!! Looking forward to hearing more…



  4. Kathy – good for you for connecting agents and athors! And thanks for sharing.

    One of these years I want to attend your conference.


    • Joyce,

      We would love you to come.



  5. Wow, exciting and encouraging news! Congrats Ame for being illustrated by Dan Yaccarino–love his work!


    • Mary,

      I can’t wait to see Ame’s book. I knew it was going to get published from hearing the first page. She really nailed it.

      We’ll see Kat’s book at the conference.

      Can’t wait to see all the artwork being displayed at the conference, too.



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