Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 13, 2010

Conference Update – Editor Addition and Silent Auction

Today I asked Katherine Harrison Editorial Assistant at Knopf to join the faculty for the New Jersey SCBWI June Conference.  She works with Erin Clarke and is starting to acquire books.  She edits picture books through YA and comes highly recommended. 

Each year we conduct a silent auction to raise money for our Scholarship Fund and each year the editors and agents donate something for the auction. 

I thought you might be interested in what is lined up so far.


Steve Meltzer – Full Manuscript Critique

Tracey Adams – Full Manuscript Critique

Carolyn Yoder – Full Manuscript Critique

Susan O’Keefe – Full Manuscript Critique

I don’t know if you realize how valuable it is to get a full manuscript critique, but it worth way more than the money value, which is a ton of dough.  These people are tops in their field and are so giving and caring; I don’t know how you can put a value on that.  Good things have happened for people they have worked with in the past.

Here are some of the partial manuscript critiques:

Michelle Poploff – First 50 Page Manuscript Critique

Regina Griffin – First 50 Page Manuscript critique

Shauna Fay – Full Picture Book Critique

Kelly Smith – Full Picture Book Critique

Simone Kaplan – Picture Book Consultation

David L Harrison – Full Picture Book Critique or 10 Pages of Poems

Tamra Tuller – Full Picture Book Critique or First 30 Pages of a Novel

Marissa Walsh – Full Picture Book Critique

Caroline Meckler – First 30 Pages of a Novel

Sean McCarthy – First 30 Page of a MG or YA Novel

Mary Kole – First 30 Pages of a MG or YA Novel

Jill Corcoran – First 10 Pages of a MG or YA Novel

Kelly Smith – Full Picture Book Critique

Rebecca Frazer – Full Picture Book or 30 Page Chapter Book

Katherine Harrison – Full Picture Book Critique

Patrick Collins – Full Picture Book Dummy Critique

I have not listed them all, because I am in the midst of verifying the number of pages.  When I finish that up I will report of them and the dinners that are being planned with them in NYC this summer.

One of the new things we are doing this year is having a special silent auction on Friday for one invitation to the faculty cocktail party, dinner and after dinner party in the Presidential Suite.  Since the cost of that is $125, that is where the bidding will start.   There will be 5 tables of 10 people and each table will have a combination of 5 editors, agents, art directors, or keynote authors.

Here is how the silent auction works:  There is a sheet listing the item and blank lines.  People sign their name and put in a bid, then someone comes by and beats the bid, until no one else wants to bid and they are the winner.

We also have a general raffle (chinese auction) where we sell tickets for prizes, like free SCBWI memberships, money off future events, signed books, gift cards, baskets of books, etc.  I will talk about this part in another post.  It is a lot of fun and many people win numerous prizes.

Hope you will join in the fun, if you are attending.

Talk soon,



  1. Hooray for Katherine Harrison from Knopf, the best publisher in the world! (What? Okay, fine–I’m a little biased. But still, they rock!) Welcome aboard, Katherine! Thanks, Kathy!


  2. I thought the topics you posted on were very interesting. Nice Blog and keep posting 🙂


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