Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 9, 2010

Emily Van Beek Leaves Pippin for Folio Literary Management

Now that it is official, I can let you know that Emily Van Beek has left Pippin Properties to join Folio Literary Management and help them build their children’s book division. 

Pippin Properties is still alive and doing great with Holly McGhee at the helm, so this just gives all of us more opportunities in the industry. 

Here is what Emily says she is looking for:

I am exclusively interested in acquiring projects for young and teen readers, from picture books by author / artists, to authentic and fresh middle-grade fiction, to lyrical and daring YA.

I am especially interested in representing young adult novelists. I’m looking for voices that won’t be ignored. I am open to considering all sorts of YA from dystopian fiction to paranormal, mysteries to well-written chick lit, coming-of-age, “I’m not dead, but I’m not alive either”, the lyrical, the literary, and the laughable.

I believe it was Ursula Nordstrom who once wrote (of the process of considering a manuscript) something along the lines of: “If you can resist it, do.” A tough love sort of approach to the process, but it’s a litmus test I often use to help me decide if I am the right agent to represent a particular project and to help an author achieve his or her publishing goals.

Emily officially starts on May 24th. 

If you don’t know Emily, she is a highly respected agent in the children’s book industry.  Anyone who lands her to represent them has done something very good for themselves. 

Good luck,



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  2. Thanks for sharing this, Kathy. Emily will do well wherever she goes. Did she have her baby yet? If so, what was it?


  3. Betsy,

    She had a little boy, who came two months early. She sent me a picture and he is a real cutie.



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