Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 30, 2010

New Agent Marissa Walsh

Marissa Walsh has joined FinePrint Literary Management as a literary agent, focusing on children’s picture books, middle-grade and YA, along with pop culture, humor, narrative non-fiction, and memoir.

Most recently she was an editor at Delacorte Press/Random House Children’s Books for seven years.

Marissa specializes in pop culture, humor, narrative non-fiction, memoir, and children’s books (picture books/middle grade/YA).

PICTURE BOOKS: She is looking for young, funny, character-driven books with very little text (700 words or less). No rhyming. Please include your manuscript in the body of your query email.

MIDDLE GRADE & YA: No paranormal/fantasy/science-fiction. She’s looking for funny and poignant contemporary stories featuring real kids. Please include the first chapter in the body of your query email.

Marissa accepts email queries only, at 

Please note:

QUERY LETTER FORMAT: Your query letter should be short—no more than one page. (Think resume cover letter.)

1. First paragraph: Introduce your project in one sentence: “I’m writing to you about my picture book, TITLE.” If there is a reason you have chosen Marissa for your project (and hopefully there is!), include that here.

2. Second paragraph: In 50 words or less (two-to-three sentences), tell her about the book. But not too much. Think 30-second elevator pitch: “It’s a cross between STUFF WHITE PEOPLE LIKE and THE LAST LECTURE.”

3. Third paragraph: Your bio. Be as specific as possible. You might not think it’s interesting, but she does. Why are you the only person in the world who can write this book?

4. Closing paragraph: (one-to-two lines) You look forward to hearing, etc.

Tomorrow, I am going to share some of the trials and tribulations of behind the scenes conference stuff and show you the other two winners of the logo contest.



  1. Kathy, I’m glad you’re going to share what goes on behind the scenes. Although I’m sure everyone REALLY appreciates what all of you do, I also appreciate it on a level of having headed some very big events and understand what goes into them. What you do has different purpose that what I’ve done, and I’m very curious to know more about the details. I wish I could figure out something I could do for you from way up here! If you ever think of anything, please don’t hesitate to ask 🙂


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