Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 26, 2010

June SCBWI Conference Update

We have added Senior Editor, Tamra Tuller from Philomel to the faculty list for the NJSCBWI Conference in June.  Things are filling up fast, so if you have been thinking about attending the conference and want to get a critique spot, now is the time to act.  There are only 7 spots left.  We have reached another all time high with 256 manuscript and portfolio critiques.

The winners have been chosen for the Logo Contest.  I say winners, because this year I added two runner-ups.  The three winners are being invited to the faculty dinner on Friday night and the illustrators who have signed up for the conference and submitted a logo are invited to join the faculty after dinner in the hospitality suite for the party.  Later this week, I will announce the three winners and show off their logos.

We are planning some other fun contests, attendees can participate in during the conference.  Maybe you will win something.  Talk about winning things, each year we have a Raffle and Chinese Auction.  Just to wet your appetite, we have three editors and an agent donating full manuscript critiques.  If you are new, these are very valuable.  I expect more editors will donate critiques, but I couldn’t help spilling the beans, since four full manuscripts is such juicy news.

If you haven’t heard from Laurie Wallmark about where to send your manuscript, you need to let us know.  All the addresses were sent out on Friday and the submissions need to be postmarked this week. 

Question:  Is anyone traveling down I95 toward DC after the conference?  I have one member who does not have a way home on Saturday.  So if you could help her out, please let me know.



PS: Did you notice all the cliches?  Sorry about that.


  1. I have never been notified of the June conference although I live in N.J. , have published at least 47 y.a. historical novels, with 5 translated into other languages, have a devoted following and am known throughout the country. I would like to come to the conference for at least one day, not with a manuscript in hand, but to meet some people (especially you). I am currently breaking with my agent. I need to register for this one day. How do I do this?


    • Ann,

      I was not aware you lived in New Jersey and you are not an SCBWI member, so that is why you did not receive an e-mail from the chapter. I would love to meet you at the conference. You can find all the information about the conference and the registration form by clicking

      Hope you do join us. I looked at you list of books and I’m quite impressed. Kathy


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