Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 16, 2010

Goodbyes, Hellos – Odds and Ends

John Rudolph‘s position as executive editor at Putnam Children’s was eliminated with the arrival of Jennifer Besser and he was laid off. He can be reached at:  Let’s hope John will land a new position in children’s publishing.  He has many years in the industry and we need him.

Additional sad news, editor Nicole Kasprzak has also left Putnam Children’s.  Many of the New Jersey SCBWI members know Nicole.  She was one of the first editors I had a one-on-one critique with and she will be missed. 


Marcy Posner, formerly agent and foreign rights director at Sterling Lord Literistic, has joined Folio Literary Management as an agent specializing in children’s and young adult as well as women’s fiction, romance and serious and commercial non-fiction. Celeste Fine will continue as the foreign rights director.

Picture of Marcy surrounded by writers.

The Illustrator Logo Contest for the June conference will be judged soon.  I have to tell you, this year is going to be tough.  There are so many excellent submissions – I want to use all of them.  Wait until you see them.  I am sure all of you will be impressed.   Later I am going to announce a surprise addition to the contest, but can’t tell now, because it is a surprise.

We have so many wonderful artists and each year more illustrators are participating in the events we do.  I guess I have to thank Leeza Hernandez, our Illustrator Coorindator for that.  When I first started as Regional Advisor, I was disappointed by the amount of illustrators who came out to events.  I wanted to do things for the illustrators, but I was hesitant to plan anything for them.  I didn’t want to lose money.  That has changed and I am totally impressed with the quality of artwork all the illustrators are showing up with at our workshops and conferences.  

All this talent should make for a great art exhibit in June.  I always donate a piece of art for the Scholarship Auction.  If you are an illustrator, it’s a fun way to get another piece of art seen by the editors and agents attending the conference.  Give it some thought.  It’s marketing.

Are you interested in meeting other people in central New Jersey who are serious about writing for children and teens? Looking for a fun and supportive environment to share your work, information, and thoughts on writing and publication? The Children’s Writer’s Workshop is a new group that will be meeting once a month at Nighthawk’s Bookstore in Highland Park. The first meeting will be held on Sunday, April 25th at 4PM. If this sounds like the group for you, they’d love you to join them at

Talk soon,



  1. So sad to see Nicole Kasprzak leave has left Putnam’s… she was my mentor and really helped me tighten up my tighten up my children’s book. The house she works at next will be lucky to get her!…..


  2. Stephanie,

    I find it hard to hear this kind of news, expecially when you have built a relationship with the editor. I hope the economy gets better, so we don’t lose more.



  3. Dear Kathy,
    I have a somewhat unusual request. Three years ago I sent my manuscript to Nicole Kasprzak, and she asked me to revise and resubmit it to her. My day job and my second child got in the way of returning to my story, but I’d love to send it to her again. Do you have an idea about how I can get in touch with her? I’d be grateful.
    Katherine Montwieler


    • Katherine,

      Nicole left the publisher she was working for and has not landed a position back in the Children’s Publishing Industry, that I know of. I’m sorry it appears that contact is gone. But you never know, perhaps she’ll show up in the future.



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