Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 27, 2010

Please Touch Me Museum Storybook Ball

Highlights will include prizes, dancing, meet & greets with storybook characters, carousel rides and tasty cuisine served by the museum’s exclusive caterer, Max & Me Catering. Families and corporations sponsoring at the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ level and up will also enjoy carriage rides provided by Philadelphia Trolley Works.

Give some thought to getting involved in these type of things.  If you have a picture book, you could go dressed up like your book character and talk to people who  have children – your readership.  This is happening in the Philly area, but I am sure there are things all over the country going on where you could be creative and market your book.  All I am saying is:  Think out of the box.  If your book was worth writing; it is worth marketing.  Don’t miss your window of opportunity.

To purchase your tickets for the Storybook Ball, contact Laura Stanley at 215-581-3160 or  They are $40.

All Storybook Ball proceeds will support Please Touch Museum’s education and community programming.

To print your RSVP Reply Card click HERE.  Please print out the reply form and mail it back to the museum with payment to the attention of Laura Stanley.



  1. Good idea and fun. Kathy, I printed out -Top 10 Tips for Picture Book Success. Thanks for sharing so many helpful postings. Have you had any flooding? Take care. Mary Nida


    • Mary,

      I just went down my basement and I noticed that there was water in my crawlspace. I wasn’t expecting that, but how could it not be wet, with all this rain. Just another thing to worry about.



  2. How wonderful is it that people do stuff like this. Doesn’t it look like SO much fun?! I wish I had a published book! lol Thanks for the suggestion, if that day ever comes for me 🙂
    P.S. how’s your mouth doing?


    • Donna,

      We think a like. I don’t know how many people look for different way to promote their books, but I know more should start thinking that way.

      I go to the dentist tomorrow.



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