Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 25, 2010

2010 Katherine Paterson Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing

The 2010 Katherine Paterson Prize Deadlines and Judge Announced.

The Katherine Paterson prize was launched last year to honor writers of young adult and children’s literature. Writers may enter young adult and middle grade writing and writing for young children. Entries may be short stories or novel excerpts.

Read “Crazy Cat” by Liz Cook, the first place winner of last year’s contest. 

 I asked Bethany Hegedus, Co-editor of Hunger Mountain, about what rights do you give up if you win and here is her answer.  “Hunger Mountain buys first world wide (since it is online) serial rights only. After publication (this year’s winner appeared on the online journal and in the print journal that is carried in Barnes and Noble and many other bookstores that carry literary journals) the rights revert back to the author and may be resold. We ask for a notification line, of “first appeared in.” 


Bestselling author Holly Black will be the 2010 judge of the Katherine Paterson Prize for Young Adult and Children’s Writing at Hunger Mountain: the VCFA Journal of the Arts.

There is a $1000 prize for the winning entry, and three runners-up receive $100. The winner and the runners-up are all published on Hunger Mountain online.

$20 entry fee. Make checks payable to “Hunger Mountain” or pay with a credit card on paypal.

Entries must be postmarked by June 30th.

Submit 1 story or novel excerpt (should stand-alone) up to 10,000 words.

You may include a synopsis if your entry is an excerpt, but an excerpt should still work as a stand-alone piece.

Story must be original, written in English, and previously unpublished.

Your name or address should not appear anywhere on the story.

All entries will be considered for general publication as well as for the KPP.

No artwork, or translations please

Multiple entries allowed—each entry must include a separate entry fee

Complete guidelines may be found here. 

Go to

I know that this contest involves putting out some money and I normally try to only report on contests that are under $15 and this one is $20, but if you did win, I think you would get a lot of bang out of winning.  So it is worth considering.



  1. Hi Kathy,
    Has anyone told you lately how awesome it is that you work so hard to share so much information with others? You are one fine example of someone who loves other people, and is working to make the world a better place. Thank you!


  2. Pam,

    No, but I sure do appreciate you saying you recognize and appreciate all the work that I do to try to help other writers on my blog.

    Thank you for being out there.



  3. Hey, Kathy 🙂
    I met Bethany at one of th NJSCBWI conferences, I think the 2009 one. She was handing out literature, though I think it wasn’t this site. I’m going to look into it though!
    Thanks, as always!


    • Donna,

      No, it was the same site. They may have added other graphics, but Bethany was giving out information about Hunger Mountain.



  4. The Hunger Mountain contest is a great one! I’m prejudiced perhaps as it’s sponsored by my alma mater, Vermont College and the MFA program.

    It’s considered a really good one. Something they may not tell you is that Vermont College has the primo MFA program in the country for YA and children’s writers and the agents and publishers of YAs and children’s books watch this contest closely, as they do the grads of the program.

    Good luck!
    Blue skies,
    Les Edgerton


    • Les,

      I knew about the MFA program, but I didn’t know they along with agents and publishers watch this contest closely. I figured it would get a lot of PR, but it nice to hear how much.

      Thanks for sharing that knowledge,



  5. Thanks for posting the contest information. We at Hunger Mountain look forward to another selection of fabulous entries.


    • Bethany,

      Glad I could help. Wish you could come again this year to our conference. Many of our members have asked about you.



  6. Thanks, Kathy for this reminder. And yes, you are so generous in blogging all this good stuff for writers.

    I hope you are finding time to write for yourself. Or maybe this is your first love – which is fine too!



    • Joyce,

      No, that’s really not my thing. I want to write and illustrate, so I need to find more time for myself. I have been trying to squeak an hour everyday, but I find that it is harder to get going when you have to stop having just gotten started. I figure all this out, but the blog does take more time than expected. How do you manage your time?



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