Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 18, 2010

Children’s Magazines

Writing for magazines is an excellent way to boost your publishing credits, and bring in a little extra cash. Last year I wrote a blog about writing for magazines and have updated it by adding more links and getting rid of others who have closed their doors to submissions.   Check out the following sites to find a home for your article:

American Cheerleader
Pay: $100-250

Guidelines available by email.
Pay: $500-$1,000

Dance International
Pay: $100-$150

Pay: $15-$100

Dirt Rider Magazine
Pay rate not listed.

Family Fun   
$1.25 a word

Girls’ Life
Pay: $150-$450

$25 – $150 up

Pay: $50-$125

Jakes Magazine
Pay: $100-$300

Pay rate not listed.

Key Club
Key Club Guidelines

Kid Zone
No info – CORPORATE OFFICE: 866-733-9382 (toll free)

Pay: $80-$150

$25 to $150

Stories and articles: 14 cents a word
Poetry: $25 and up
Activities, games: $25 and up

On Course
Pay: $15-$80

Pay: $50-$700

Pay: $1-$1.50/word

Shine Brightly
Pay: $.03-$.05/word

Pay rate not listed online.

Pay: $.15/word

True Girl
Request guidelines by email.
Pay: $.15-$.20/word

$.20 a word

Hopscotch Magazine 
$.05 per word – $10 per poem or puzzle 
Submission Guidelines
Boys’ Quest Magazine
$.05 per word – $10 per poem or puzzle 
Submission Guidelines
Fun For Kidz Magazine
$.05 per word – $10 per poem or puzzle 
Submission Guidelines
Download current open theme list (PDF) Fun For Kidz, Boys’ Quest and Hopscotch

Cobblestone Publishing Group Magazines

$.20 – $.25 a word

APPLESEEDS – general history and cultures (for ages 6-9)
CALLIOPE – world history (for ages 9-14)
COBBLESTONE – American history (for ages 9-14)
DIG – archeology (for ages 9-14)
FACES – world cultures and geography (for ages 9-14)
ODYSSEY – science (for ages 9-14)

Illustrators’ Guidelines

Cobblestone Publishing magazines select articles by detailed query letter.

Cricket Magazine Group Literary Magazines

$.20 – $.25 a word

BABYBUG – for babies and toddlers
LADYBUG – for ages 2-6
SPIDER – for ages 6-9
CRICKET – for ages 9-14
CICADA – for ages 14 and up

Our “bug magazines” accept unsolicited manuscripts. (There is currently, however, a moratorium on submissions for CICADA.)

Cricket Magazine Group Nonfiction Magazines

$.20 – $.25 a word

CLICK – opening windows for young minds (for ages 3-6)
ASK – arts and sciences for kids (for ages 6-9)
MUSE – the magazine of life, the universe, and pie throwing (for ages 9 and up)

Good luck,


PS: Mary Nida Smith passed this along for more magazine titles –


  1. Thanks again Kathy. Also, check out, Kids Magazine Writers website


    • Mary,

      Thanks for pointing this site out to me. She has a good list of magazines. I’ll add it to the bottom of my blog.



    • Mary,

      I went to your blog and wanted to leave you a message, but it would only accept the message if I was a blogspot user or had a Google e-mail, so I couldn’t leave a comment. You have a link that doesn’t work. You have but it doesn’t take you any where. It sounded interesting. Let me know if you get it to work. You really should let people who have WordPress leave comments. I bet you lose a bunch of comments, due to not making it easy for them. Enjoyed your blog.



      • Thanks Kathy. I’ll do what I can to correct the problems and get back to you.
        Mary Nida


      • Kathy, hopefully I corrected the problems. Please, let me know if there is still a problem. Again, thanks a million. Mary Nida


      • Mary,

        It works fine, now. I will try leaving you a comment tomorrow. Time got away from me today. But it sound like you corrected that, too. Very Good!



  2. Thought you might like to know, I have a short personal piece in the upcoming Women Hunter magazine. 🙂


    • Yousei,

      That is wonderful – Congratulations! Are you a hunter?



      • Kathy,
        Thank you. Yes, I hunt. My husband is the true hunter. But I enjoy hearing about his stories and experiences. Every once in a while he can drag me out in the woods. We’ve hunted squirrel (which is what my article is about) and turkey together. I’m out of shape for his kind of hunting though. He’s 6’5″ and keeps up quite a pace over hills and down gulleys. Whew. I’m only 5’2″ and considerably slower. My favorite shooting sport is skeet. If you’re curious, I can email a rough copy of the article to you.


      • Yousei,

        Sure, I’d love to see your article. You sound like you lead an interesting life.



  3. Again, a big “Thank you!”, Kathy 🙂 You’re one Energizer Bunny! 😉


    • Donna,

      I’ll have to e-mail you where this enegizer bunny was this week.



  4. So helpful! Thank you and much appreciated!

    All the best to the best,
    Crave Cravak


  5. Thank you for such a useful list


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