Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 10, 2010

Christian Fiction Editors

I know there are some of you  who write for the Christian market or could think about submitting your writing to the Christian market.  So I thought I would pass on some publishers and editor names.  The problem is a lot of the Christian publishers are now requiring agented material for submissions, so I have listed the links to their sites.  It would be good to check them out before sending anything. 

The Christian Fiction Editors

Karen Ball, executive editor, B&H Publishing Group 

Sue Brower, executive editor, Zondervan

Joan Marlow Golan, executive editor, Steeple Hill Books

David Long, senior acquisitions editor, Bethany House 

Ami McConnell, senior acquisitions editor, Thomas Nelson

Shannon Marchese, senior editor, WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group

Barbara Scott, senior acquisitions editor, Abingdon

Karen Watson, associate publisher, Tyndale House 

Since Johnny Depp is coming out soon in the new Alice in Wonderland, I thought you might be interested in seeing the very first Alice in Wonderland movie that came out in 1903.  Enjoy!


Definitely, we have made big strides in the film industry.



  1. Hey, Kathy 🙂
    I hope you’re well! I do have a faith-based (creation) story that I would love to submit, but all the houses won’t accept unsolicited. I’m familiar with all these except Water Brook. I’ll be checking them out now, so thank you! That, and the video…


    • Donna,

      Are they all agent only? I thought I saw a couple who weren’t, but I know I was discouraged by so many not accepting queries. I guess I need to invite one of the editors on the list to come to a workshop or conference.



  2. Kathy, thank you for all the helpful information you bring to us. I don’t know where you find the time to do all you do.


    • Mary,

      I wonder the same thing. I know I could use more time to write or do my art. Life is so full of challenges.



  3. I certainly relate to what Donna says. Not only will publishers not accept, for the most part, unsollicited manuscripts, you can’t get agents to give you the time of day. I feel very fortunate to get my latest release, Angela 1: Starting Over accepted, but it wasn’t by a Christian publisher. Sometimes they are too narrowly focused, I guess. To find out about my book, please go to my website. Thanks!


    • David,

      Congratulations on your book! I agree with you about how tough it is to get your foot in the door now-a-days. I took a look at your site and have some suggestions: Who is your publisher? Could you work with them to lower the price of you book? They have put your directly behind the 8 ball with the $25.50 price. It would be hard for a Newbery winner to sell their book for that price. Have you approached Amazon about getting your book on their site? This will help. You should spend some time on expanding your site. You need to give people a little bit of information about you, not just your book. Also think about what else you could put up on your website that would draw people to your site. Maybe it could be something about Angela, something about dancing, bullying, the coast of Texas. Think about what you can provide teachers or librarians. That would give you something to promote to generate interest. If you want ideas, you can go to and look under clients to get some ideas. and might be good ones to start with. You need to start marketing yourself. Actually, I like that you left a message here, that should help. I would do more of this on other blogs, too.

      Good luck with the book,



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