Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 8, 2010

Short Fiction Contest

E.M. Koeppel $1,100 Short Fiction Award
Annual Awards for Unpublished Fiction in Any Style, Any Theme

First Place Award: $1,100.
Editors’ Choices: $100 each.

Maximum Length: 3,000 WORDS. Stories must be unpublished.

Postmark Deadline:  April 30

Award winning fiction writers are the judges.
No limit on number of stories entered by any one writer.

The winning short story and editors’ choices will be published on  and are eligible for inclusion in the permanent website anthology. (By submitting work to this contest, authors give permission to Writecorner Press to publish the award winning stories and editors’ choices on the website. Authors retain all other rights to their works.)

How to Submit:
Send one (1) typed copy of the story with two (2) typed title pages. Only the title may appear on the first title page. No other kinds of identification may appear on this title page or on the manuscript which will used in judging. (Keep a copy. No manuscripts will be returned.)

On the second title page, list:
Title of the Story
Author’s name, address, phone number
E-mail address optional
Short bio – about 4 lines

Entry Fee: $15 for a single story and $10 for each additional story.
No e-mail entries accepted.
Mail submission with check (no cash).

If outside the USA, send a money order in US funds (no cash or foreign funds) to:
Koeppel Contest
P.O. Box 140310
Gainesville, FL 32614

Good luck,


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