Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 1, 2010

HarperCollins Children’s Books

HarperCollins  is own by News Corp.

One of their divisions is Harper Children’s Books.  The following are imprints under that umbrella. 

I have listed the children’s book contracts reported to Publishers Marketplace during the last 12 months for each of the imprints listed.  This does not mean that this is all they published.  All it means is that is the number reported by agents to the publication:

Balzer & Bray –  headed up by Alessandra Balzer and Donna Bray

Children’s: Picture book (7); Young Adult (5); Middle grade (2); Fantasy (1)


Children’s: Young Adult (4); Picture book (2); Middle grade (1)

Harper Children’s  

Non-fiction: Lifestyle (1); Memoir (1)

Children’s: Young Adult (13); Middle grade (10); Picture book (10); Fantasy (2); Children’s (1)

Harper Teen  

Children’s: Young Adult (2)

 Katherine Tegen Books  

Children’s: Young Adult (3); Picture book (2); Fantasy (1); Middle grade (1)

Catherine Onder from HarperCollins is attending out March Mentoring Workshop.



  1. Thank you for this awesome information. There sure aren’t many books when you think of all the children in the world, even just the US. It must be a very competitive industry, but lots of fun to imagine being a part of it all.
    Thanks again. Take care.


  2. It is a very competitive industry, but if you find time to write, work on your craft and submit, you can find success.



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