Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 19, 2010

Tilbury House Publisher

Sometimes in our quest to get publish we forget about the smaller publishers out their accepting unsolicited manuscripts and unagented manuscripts.  Tilbury House is one of those small publishers.  You can go to: to look at the books they have published.  It looks like they do picture books, biographies, and young middle grade stories with a strong educational focus.  See below:

Children’s Books

They are primarily interested in children’s picture books (for ages 7-12) that:

  • Deal with issues of cultural diversity (global), nature, or the environment (they don’t publish “general” children’s books about animals, fables, or fantasy).
  • Appeal to children and parents and offer enough learning content so thatyour book will also appeal to the educational market.
  • Will sell to the national (not just regional) market
  • Offer possibilities for developing a separate teacher’s guide (written by an educator) that will expand the focus of the book, offer additional information, and suggest learning activities and approaches.
  • Adult Books

    Much of their effort goes into their children’s books, and it was difficult in the past for them to effectively market a diverse adult list. As a result, they decided to limit their new adult books to non-fiction about Maine or the Northeast, particularly books that are documentary or about Maine’s history. Because the market for these books is small, they often seek out co-publishing arrangements with museums, historical societies, or other organizations; this helps them produce high-quality books that might not otherwise be published, and benefit both parties.

    Audrey Maynard, Children’s Books Editor
    Tilbury House, Publishers
    103 Brunswick Avenue
    Gardiner, Maine 04345


    web site

    I know their are a lot of you out there who are looking for a place to submit your picture book.  It doesn’t hurt to submit something to them to see if this is the place to kick off your writing career.  If you don’t submit, you might as well quit.  I was trying to sound like Johnny Cochran at the OJ Trial.  Basically, you need to submit to get anything, so here is a place to try, but first look over their books to see if your story might fit with them.

    Good luck,



    1. “If you don’t submit, you might as well quit”! LOL GREAT line!!!
      Thanks, Kathy 🙂


      • Donna,

        Now I have to follow my own advice. It’s so hard to get anything else done when working on the conference.



    2. Thanks so much for your post! We’re always looking for great new manuscripts to consider, and we really appreciate your help in spreading the word.

      🙂 Sarah


      • Sarah,

        My pleasure. We are always looking for publisher who might be interested in our work. Keep up the good work.



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