Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 18, 2010

10 Reasons People Aren’t Commenting on Your Blog

While surfing the web, I came across Brian Wallace’s blog and his article on blogs and comments.  I felt it was worth sharing.  He pointed me to Liz Strauss who has some other good points.  Even if you don’t have a blog, I think you can apply it to other parts of your life.

1 – You’re boring. Ok, maybe boring is a strong word, but if you are just putting something very general, late (we know who won the Superbowl by now, thanks), or beaten to death, don’t expect people to jump on board.

2 – You have no call to action. Consider adding the WWSGD plugin or ask people a question to leave in the comments.

3 – You’re greedy. Virtually any chance you get to link to others, you instead link either to yourself or worse yet, Wikipedia.  Linking to someone is not only generous but extremely relevant at the right time.  Not only that, but the blogger will get a pingback and quickly come back to your site, hopefully also to thank you

4 – You’re haphazard. People like rhythm.  When people expect you to post 5 times a week, once a week, whatever – at least they know what’s coming.  If you fall off with this momentum, loss of commenters is often to follow.

5 – People don’t comment anymore, anyway. The blog reading community has fallen off in my opinion in terms of leaving quality comments, but I wouldn’t put all the blame on their shoulders.  There are so many blogs out there, sometimes it is just easier to just retweet if you like a post rather than say something dumb like “great job!” Still, there is room for commenters – you just have to give the post your best shot (or at least the best that time will allow, please don’t stop blogging for 3 months to write your master thesis blog post )  and see the commenters come in.

6 – You’re slow in responding. Even if you do respond to comments, you’re doing it days and weeks later.

7 – Worse yet, you don’t respond. For shame.  People spend time to give you their 2 cents.  The least you can do is thank them.

Read the rest by clicking here.

Liz Strauss blogged about this is 2006.  What she had to say then still applies now.

  • 1. What you write is so complete, that I don’t know what to say except good job. I feel silly writing that, so I read and move on.

  • 2. You’ve taught me something I didn’t know,
    and I need to think about it before I even have a question. Much like number 1, I don’t want to embarrass myself. I’m better off moving on.

  • 3. I get ready to type a comment, but I notice you only respond to a few friends who mostly share inside jokes. I won’t take the risk of being overlooked in public.

  • 4. The folks who comment on your posts like to argue and I don’t. I’m not sure I’m brave enough to fight my way into the crowd.

  • 5. You rarely respond to comments. So, there’s no point in writing one.

  • 6. Your blog has geeky attitude and I’m not geeky enough to keep up.

  • 7. I really like your blog and your post, but I’m too tired, busy, or any one of a number things that you can’t control. I’ll comment the next I come back to read.

  • 8. You end your posts with a giant general question like “What do you think of the Big Bang Theory?” That question is such a big one. I don’t have time to answer it. I feel strange answering with a lesser comment.

  • 9. You put up a fence by making me login to comment. I have too many passwords already and I don’t know you well enough to add one to my list.

  • 10. Your content wasn’t fresh and exciting, and I couldn’t find anything YOU inside it. It seemed the same post that I’ve read on 10 other blogs. If I commented, I would have to tell you that.

  • PLUS ONE: Your post was negative. Negative is scary. Most folks don’t like negative stuff, because they know they could be next to be the recipient. I don’t comment, because I don’t want to be part of it.
  • Visit Liz Strauss at

    I posted on May 11th last year about how to get more comments on your blog.  You can read that by clicking here.

    I wonder how many of you have your own blog?  If you don’t you can still get your name out there on other people’s blogs.  Example:  You might have some great tips on writing and could share it on my blog.  I would love to hear them and share them and you would get some buzz.  Good idea?  Bad idea?



    1. I’m at the beginning of blogging, so I don’t have a lot of traffic. There haven’t been many comments yet for me to respond to. I’ve seen good and bad examples of commenting on other blogs, so having a concise list like this is helpful. I really appreciated this post. Thanks.

    2. Kayeleen,

      I just visited your blog. Very nice. I like the cowgirl boots. I think the most important thing with a blog is to blog every day – be consistent. People will not come back if they don’t think you are blogging regularly.

      Good luck,


      • Thanks for stopping by! I love the east coast and wish I could make it out to a conference, especially the one in June. I’ve been reading your updates and it looks amazing. My toddlers might prevent me from coming this year, though. I appreciate the encouragement.

        • Kayelee,

          It is hard to leave toddlers. They usually cry, “Don’t leave me, Mommy.” That’s a killer. It will get easier.


    3. Hey Kathy,

      Glad that you felt that my points were worth sharing and great to see that you have included some of Liz’s points as well! Just subscribed to your blog, looking forward to reading more! 🙂

      • Brian,

        Where do you live? Are you anywhere near NJ? Just trying to see if I coiuld ever use you at one of our events. I think I found you from a tweet. Thanks for subscribing.


        • Hi Kathy, in response to your blog question – I’m from NY and live in KY – let me know if you’d like me to come out for an event – happy to come out.


        • Brian,

          Kentucky! Wow, not very close. I’ll keep you in my file and get in touch if I can come up with something that would work.


        • Hey Kathy,

          Nothing is too far this day and age – as mentioned I’m still out in the NY area a fair amount – let me know!


    4. Good morning Kathy. Thanks for all this great information on blogging. I continue to gather information on this subject before I started mine. May 15, I have a speaking engagement on this subject at the Ozarks Writers League at Branson, Missouri. Thanks again. Mary Nida

      • Mary,

        I run many workshops and do speaking on Social Media. If I can help, let me know.

        Good luck,


        • Kathy, thanks for your offer;I will keep you in mind. Mary Nida

    5. Great post! Very, very useful. I take some of that advice right now. Mind if I post a link to this and share it with my readers? 😉

      • Yousei,

        That would be great. Thanks for sharing.


    6. Kathy,
      I start my day with your blog. I always learn something new.

      • Barb,

        Thanks! It’s nice to know that you are one of my visitors and getting something out of what I put up.

        I don’t see what I coming in for the conference. Are you planning on attending? I hope so. I’m really excited about having it at the Hyatt.


        • I’ll be there. I am looking forward to Carolyn Yoder’s workshop. The Hyatt is a great choice.

    7. Good post, Kathy!

      • Anita,

        Thanks. I got through the bone transplant, but was not doing too great last night. wish I wasn’t teaching tonight.


      • Anita,

        Why can’t I click on your name and get to your website or blog?


    8. Thank you for taking the time to give all us bloggers some tips!!

      • Lauren,

        Do you blog? I only ask, because if you do, you want to have it so that people can click on your name and go to your site or blog. Yours is not working, so I can not over over to your blog. Maybe you could correct this to help get you more traffic. I hope this help you and thanks for visiting.


        • She does have a blog– She has some of my favorite kinds of writing there. 🙂

        • Yousei,

          Thanks for giving me that information. I just visited her blog and left a comment.


    9. Hi Kathy,

      I’ve been blogging for about six months now. I don’t get many comments but I’m always surprised when someone comes up to me and says “I read…on your blog and it was good.” I just wish I could turn that feedback into a comment on the blog itself but it’s always reassuring to know that people are visiting it.

      I will institute some of these tips. One thing I do like is that your blog seems to put the content in the email. I don’t know if this is a function of the tool you’re using. I’m using Typepad and I send an email to my audience letting them know there is a new item on the blog. They then have to click a link. This may be a problem for some people.

      Thanks for sharing.

      • Andrea,

        Leaving you a comment wasn’t too bad. I have been on blogs where I gave up. I would try asking people to leave things they have done to help children in what ever the topic is that day. Praying is something we all can do, but what other things can we do to help make our schools safer? What can we do to keep our children from learning too much too quickly? I think these are all things that parents would be interested in learning, so if you can open up the dialogue with other parents and educators, I think you would increase your audience and bring in more comments.

        Tahnks for visiting,


    10. Kathy, I have to say that yours is one of only a few blogs I actually take the time to read. I put up a blog, but it’s not actually “up and running”, but tips like these, and especially your example of blogging should be, will serve as blueprints when I finally get going. Thank you, as usual!! 🙂

      • Donna,

        You are always so kind to me and I really appreciate that. Are you going to be able to attend the conference in June? I think it is going to be so great and it would be great to see you, too. what new has been happening with you?


    11. hey, Kathy 🙂

      If you think I’m being kind, it is simply because I speak the truth, so it’s a kindness deserved.

      And yes, I’m definitely coming to the conference. I just mailed my registration forms today 🙂 Last year I went all out and attended both days ’cause I was doing the Illustrator’s Intensive (which was GREAT), but can’t swing it this year. It’s disappointing ’cause I know such good stuff happens on Friday too, and it was so nice to wake up Sat. and be right there already, but it’s all I can do to attend on Saturday. I’m SO looking forward to it!!!

      As for me, my life is sort of “all over the place” and my brain doesn’t allow for me to keep on track the way I’d like which, btw, I have to mention here (since I’m telling EVERYone I can)—do NOT take “quinolone” antibiotics unless you have no other choice. I already have a lot of chronic health problems (fibromyalgia being just one) and Cipro (and other ones, like Avelox and Levaquin) have made me much worse. The kicker is— I found out that they are KNOWN for causing tendon, muscular and neurological problems! *sigh* Now I know why I’ve been feeling like my health problems have been continuing to worsen. Just BEWARE, anyone who’s reading this. It’s prudent to research ANYthing you’re prescribed, which I’m finding out even more so, too late.

      Anyway, I am slowly catching up with many things (lots of paperwork, which seems NEVERending), feeling that load lightening up and looking forward to being able to concentrate more on submissions, etc. I was also in touch with Jim Jinkins (we met at that NYPL event you blogged about) and hope to hear from him at some point. Thank you SO much for posting that!

      Also, I read one of your posts that mentioned you had something with a bone transplant?! Was that your teeth or something else?

      • Donna,

        I am sorry to hear you have been health problems, too. I had bone transplants this week in my mouth. The Dr. said he had never seen so much damage. He is not sure it will take, since there was no bone left. All due to the dentist I was seeing making mistakes. I am so sick of bering in pain. Just as I am sure you are sick of everything you have been going through.

        Keeping my fingers crossed for you with Jim Jinkins (sounds like a good name for one of book characters).


        • Thanks, Kathy. Chronic pain is tough, for sure, and when it’s your mouth, it’s virtually impossible to ignore. To me, it’s like having a bad headache. I know I’m good for nothing when a headache’s too severe.

          Dental work is tough and it’s awful when they screw up (it happens often). My health problems began with my teeth from when I was a kid (didn’t know it for a long time though), with the amalgam (silver/mercury) fillings.

          I do hope your pain subsides and you get your mouth straightened out soon! And thanks for the well wishes with Jim. We’ll see what happens. I wonder if he was named Jim (James, I’d imagine) ’cause it would sound good with Jinkins 🙂

    12. really an intriguing post. wish i knew some of this when i first started blogging. it took me 6 months before i really any idea of what i was really doing. some great thoughts here. i think it is important to engage people, make it interesting…and if you dont comment, people wont comment. i encourage people to find blogs they enjoy, start commenting, learn from those you read and definitely make it interesting. great stuff. thanks for sharing…

      • Brian,

        There really is a lot more to blogging than meets the eye and a big commitment to do it right. I have to keep reminding myself to finds the time to visit other blogs and twitter. Thanks for your comment and the extra work you do.


    13. Hello, and thank you for the advice. I do have a blog, but it’s where I post fiction (short stories, flash, etc.) so the people who comment either like what they read…or don’t (happily, most like!)

      However, I do like to read non-fiction blogs and I love to leave comments, though I do feel awkward if everyone is leaving really technical comments.

      It’s true that if I have to do voodoo tricks to leave comment such as login, try to decipher some garbled captcha word, etc. I leave. Regretfully.

      • Marisa,

        I don’t know why some blogs put up all those obstacles jsut to leave a comment. I usually try to or three times, but then I give up. It is a shame that I can’t even leave something to let them know how hard it is to comment. Do you think they know?


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