Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 16, 2010

Random House – Book Publisher

Random House, Inc. has five divisions underneath it. They are:

Crown Publishing Group – They have 15 imprints
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group – has 10 imprints
Monacelli Press
Random House Children’s Group – has 10 imprints
Random House Publishing Group – has 15 imprints

I chose Random House Children’s Group to share. They have 10 imprints, which I have listed below:

Disney Books for Young Readers
Golden Books
Knopf Children’s
Random House Children’s
Robin Corey Books
Schwartz & Wade
Wendy Lamb Books

I picked the top four and have listed what Publishers Marketplace has reported they have contracted in the last twelve months.

This doesn’t mean this is all the books Random House Children’s Imprints have signed. What it does mean is, this the number of sales agents have reported to Publishers Marketplace about their sales. There are many agents who never report any of their deals to Publishers Marketplace. It also does not include any authors who signed contracts without an agent. It does give you a flavor for what each imprint is buying.

Young Adult (15); Middle grade (6); Fantasy (1) Graphic Novel (1)

Knopf Children’s
Middle grade (9); Young Adult (7); Picture book (5); Fantasy (1)

Random House Children’s
Young Adult (4); Middle grade (2); Picture book (2); Fantasy (1)

Wendy Lamb Books
Young Adult (2); Middle grade (1)

If you sign up for a subscription to Publishers Marketplace, you will be able to look in their database for what agent is representing an author.  See who is reporting sales.  See what editors are buying and who they are buying them from.  It is a great tool.


  1. Nice post! I really like your posting.
    i will come back to read more of your posts.



    • Bonnie,

      That’s great I hope you do come back. I plan to breakdown other companies, too. Thanks for the comment.



  2. Is slightly more YA published because it is a cross-over market (youth and some adult)?


  3. Yousei,

    I guess that could be a reason. The industry is always changing, so who knows if it will stay that way, but YA has been strong for quite a few years. I think picture books are starting to come back, but I don’t think YA is going aeay any time soon.



  4. I am theauthor of three published book and the publisher of Fresh! Literry Magazine. I have a fourth children book just completed. I would like to submit my manuscript for your review or publication.

    Shirley Gerld Ware,Author


    • Shirley,

      I’m not sure what you are asking? I do not publish books. I write and illustrate children’s books and I help other writers and illustrator’s market themselves and improve their skills.



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