Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 31, 2010

Editor and Agent Conference Update

I have been busy lining up Editors, Agents and Award Winning Authors for the New Jersey Annual Conference taking place on June 4th and 5th in Princeton. 

Here are the additions for this week:

Margery Cuyler – Publisher, Marshall Cavendish

Caroline Meckler – Editor, Wendy Lamb Books

Shauna Fay – Assistant Editor, Putnam

Sean McCarthy – Agent,  Sheldon Fogelman Agency

Simone Kaplan – Picture Book People

Scott Treimel – Agent, Scott Treimel Literary Agency

Editors & Agents I announced last week:

Steve Meltzer – Associate Publisher/ Executive Managing Editor, Dial, Dutton, & Celebra

Michelle Poploff – VP Editorial Director, Random House

Regina Griffin – Senior Editor Egmont USA

Connie Hsu – Associated Editor, Little, Brown & Company BFYR

Michael Sterns – Upstart Crow Literary Agency

Jill Corcoran –  Herman Agency

Tracey Adams – Adams Literary 

Carolyn Yoder – Editor, Calkins Creek Books – Senior Editor, History, HIGHLIGHTS She will be conducting an intensive workshop on Friday morning on writing Historical Fiction, plus more.

David L Harrison – Author  of 80 children’s books.  He will be conducting an Intensive Workshop “Poetry for Children’s Books,” on June 4th.

Sudipta Bardham – Author of 13 picture books and seven non-fiction books.  She will be conducting Picture Book Intensive Workshop on June 4th.

Kristin Clark Venuti – Author of Leaving the Bellweathers

Registration information will be posted by the end of this coming week on


  1. I just wanted to say “thank you”, Kathy. You are amazing at what you do. I can’t say it enough 🙂 Can’t wait to register!


    • Donna,

      I am hoping to get the registration up by next weekend, but everytime I think I am close, someone changes something and then I have to start juggling things around.



      • Kathy, I sincerely feel for you and still can’t comprehend how you ultimately handle things so well, especially with the conference each year; it’s such an undertaking. Whenever it is you’re able to get it finalized, I know I’ll have an ear-to-ear grin when the email comes through 😀


  2. OOOOOOOooooooook…I got a little notice that there was a “duplicate comment” detected. First time I’ve seen that, but I’ll retype to be sure it goes through. It’s not that I had anything earth-shattering to say, but felt the need to, once again, thank you, Kathy, for all the work you do for the conference. You truly are amazing, and I’m not just saying that. I can’t wait to register!


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