Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 18, 2010

Sundays Workshop – Plus Conference Additions

Sunday the NJSCBWI had another Mentoring Workshop in Princeton, NJ.  It was a nasty rainy day outside, but inside we had four great editors – one for each of the four groups.  With only 6 writers in each group, everyone received a lot of time with their critique group and editor.  For those who have never attended one of these workshops, everyone gets a one-on-one critique and a critique from their assigned group.   We also have a first page session where everyone’s first page gets read.  Lunch is very nice, since it the writers get to talk socially with the editors.  We ended the day with a Q & A session.

On Wednesday agent Adriana Dominguez from Full Literary Circle had to drop out due to illness, so I had to hussle to find a replacement.  I found Heather Alexander from Dial and she agreed to fill in for Adriana.  I know I was asking a lot by asking Heather to read through eight, thirty page manuscripts by Sunday and show up with a type written critique for each in that short time, but Heather came through for us.  It was her first time coming to a NJSCBWI event and we were impressed with her performance.  She is very nice, professional and knows her stuff.

We had another new editor from Sterling Publishing.  Meredith Mundy Wasinger Sr. Editor at Sterling has been one of our favorites editors over the past six years and she suggested Kelly Smith, who is also senior editor.  I’m glad she did, because Kelly fit right in and also did a great job. 

Kelly and Heather have agreed to join the faculty of our June conference.  For all of you non-fiction writers, Kelly does non-fiction, too.  It was very hard not to invite our other two editors, Allison Wortche, Asst. Editor, Knopf and Crown and Lisa Yoskowitz, Assistant Editor, Dutton BFYR to the conference, because they are so friendly, knowledgable, and giving of their time. 

I have to wait to see how the registration goes, before adding too many more editors.  It is always a guess as to how many picture books, middle grade, young adult, non-fiction, fantasy, chapter books and graphic novels attendees will want to submit, so it’s a juggling act.  Anyway, none of the conference information is on the website yet.  But I am hoping it will be put up in a few weeks.  Then I can see what people have signed up for and start adding more to the faculty, accordingly.

If you have any faculty suggestions, please send them along.  I am always open to trying new editors, agents or listening to new program ideas. 



  1. Sorry I missed it, just found out a little while ago that my daughter has pneumonia. And I still don’t feel that great.

    Chris B.


    • Chris,

      I am so sorry that your family has been ill. We missed you on Sunday. I don’t usually connect pneumonia with a young person. Do kids get over it faster? I hope that’s the case. Life is always throwing unexpected things in our way. I just wish life it hadn’t messed things up so much for you.

      Everyone get well,



  2. Thanks for the good wishes. She seems to be responding to the medication. Unfortunately, we came in contact with quite a few people over the Holidays, and I think that is how we picked up some germs. What can you do? It happens.
    I just got my editor critique in the mail, thanks. It will be very helpful, and I really appreciate her honesty. It’s exactly what a writer needs. We swapped group critiques via email, so I thank everyone for that, great advice from the group. I am looking forward to the June Conference.
    Chris B.


  3. Hi Kathy,

    Thanks for a great day! Sara (my writing partner and I) wrote a co-review of the day at our group’s blog!


    • Frankie & Sara,

      Very cute review. You two are funny.



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