Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 16, 2010

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Many of you have e-mailed about the annual New Jersey SCBWI conference I run (with a lot of help) in Princeton, NJ. It seems you are getting restless and wondering when I’m going to put up the information and details.  The date is June 4th and 5th this year and the one thing I can tell you for sure, is it will be as good or better than 2009. 

Last year the ratio of editors/agents to attendees was 1 feditor/agent for every seven attendees.  If you’ve never attended a conference, I will tell you that is a high ratio.  I don’t think anyone walked out feeling like they didn’t get to talk and meet a lot of important people.

Since I have been so busy responding to the two computers that blew up with the electric problems I had during the holidays, I have been juggling to put together the next two Mentoring Workshops and the first page sessions, while continuing to work on the June conference.  So I am not ready to announce everything, yet. But I can announce five editors, three agents and one author to wet your appetite.  If I go by last years’ numbers, this is just a third of names I will announce.

Here they are:

Steve Meltzer – Associate Publisher/ Executive Managing Editor, Dial, Dutton, & Celebra

Michelle Poploff – VP Editorial Director, Random House

Regina Griffin – Senior Editor Egmont USA – Workshop with Tracey Adams and Kristin Venuti on process of Kristin’s book.

Carolyn Yoder – Editor, Calkins Creek Books – Senior Editor, History, HIGHLIGHTS – She will be conducting an intensive workshop on Friday morning on writing Historical Fiction and Non-fiction, plus more.

Connie Hsu – Associated Editor, Little, Brown & Company Books For Young Readers

Michael Sterns – Upstart Crow Literary Agency – Agent Panel +

Jill Corcoran –  Herman Agency – Agent Panel +

Tracey Adams – Adams Literary – Agents Panel +

Kristin Clark Venuti – Author of Leaving the Bellweathers

Last year we had seven book contracts result from the conference and eight people ended up with agent representation.  Many other doors were opened and still working on revisions.  We are very proud of our success in getting authors and illustrators in front of the right people to further their careers.

This conference is open to all children’s writers and illustrators.  You do not have to live in the state to attend.  In fact a large number of the attendees are out of state.  We’ve had people from Canada, CA, Puerto Ric0 and one year we even had someone from France and that is because we provide a lot of bang for your buck.

You can keep an eye on all New Jersey SCBWI events by going to

Hope you give some thought to joining us this year.



  1. The NJ conference is a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with new friends or reconnect with the editors and agents who frequently attend. Kathie, thank you for creating a real sense of community! Cheers,


  2. […] like this.  She’s posted the names of editors and agents she’s lined up so far. and there’s more to […]


  3. Kathy, you do SUCH an amazing job on the Conference, I’ll definitely be going this year. I attended both days last year and got some very positive feedback. It’s an enjoyable experience overall and so much of that is because of your leadership. I’m looking forward to getting the email to let us know when to sign up! 🙂


  4. Hi Kathy,

    The lineup looks awesome! Pls let me know if you are interested in having me come and speak re: Marketing, PR and or Social Media for writers. Includes more effective appearances, social media training, blogging, media training and DIY PR among other fundamentals in today’s market.

    Georgia McBride


    • Georgia,

      I don’t need anyone for this year, but you could send me an e-mail with details on what you could present for another year. Where do you live? I ask, because we do not pay for airfare.




      • Thanks, Kathy! I live in NC but am from NYC with family there and I would drive! I don’t schlep my kids on planes! LOL! Live and learn! Will send email. Talk soon-



      • Georgia,

        That’s good to know. Tracey Adams (Agent) is from down your way.



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