Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 6, 2010

Publishing Industry Changes

Grace Maccarone is joining Holiday House as executive editor under Mary

“I love making good books for children,” says Grace. “And I love watching
children read and enjoy books I’ve worked on. Even while I’m reading a
manuscript or reviewing sketches, I love to think about the child who will
be reading the finished book.”

Grace was a longtime editor at Scholastic.

Holiday House is planning on increasing their list from 50 books a year to about 60 ­
Now that’s good news!

At Dystel & Goderich Literary Management, agent Stacey Glick has been named vice president. Rachel Oakley has joined the agency as Jane Dystel’s assistant.

On Dec. 1st they opened an office on the West Coast  in Los Angeles, spearheaded by Vice President Michael Bourret.  Michael will maintain and grow his own list of clients while aggressively pursuing new film and TV opportunities for the agency.

We wish everyone much success in their new roles.

If you are in the NYC area this weekend you might be interested in the Children’s Literary Cafe: From Picture Books to Television Shows being held at the New York Public Library at 42nd st. on January 9th at 11:00 am.

Sounds like it would be worth attending.


  1. Kathy, this is all great info, and I LOVE hearing news about an actual EXPANSION of a list, rather than all the cutbacks that have been the main focus of Publisher’s Lunch! Perhaps things are looking up?! Hope so!

    And, actually, Kathy, I’m right outside NYC (about 30 min. from midtown) and am pretty sure I’ll be attending this. I’m just trying to get info on whether or not there’s a fee and the parking situation in that area of the city. I’m SO glad you posted it!


  2. Donna,

    If you go on Saturday, maybe you can write you something about it. I can’t be the only one interested.



    • Kathy, I’m pretty set on going, so I probably will. I can’t imagine letting this opportunity pass. I can’t imagine that it won’t be interesting and I’m hoping I can try to make a connection or two somehow. We’ll see! And, of course, if I go I’ll write something about it for you to post 🙂 Thanks again for mentioning it!



  3. Hey, Kathy (and whoever else is reading this thread)!

    Well, I did end up going to the event and am SO glad I did! I have lots to say, but haven’t had time to do so and do it justice, but wanted to at least touch base and let you know it was wonderful.

    Kathy, thanks again for posting this! I may have made a good connection and time will tell if that pans out.


    • Donna,

      Thanks for getting back to me on the event. I can’t wait until you write something up about it and send it to me. Do you think it could be enough to feature it on the blog? If so, then you should e-mail it to me.




  4. unfortunately, I just read about this now. DEF would have attended otherwise! 😦 if anyone has feedback, it would be great to hear about it. do you know if they are holding another “seminar?” dealing with the same topic anytime in the future??


    • Tiffany,

      I am hoping Donna will give us a report. It sounds like she could have a lot to share. I’ll post it as soon as Donna gets back to me.



  5. Hey, Gang 🙂

    I’m SO sorry I still haven’t written on this, but I will! My week has been crazy; just way too full (not that I should complain knowing the kind of schedule Kathy has!)

    My brother and sis-in-law were here for a week and just left yesterday, and today I’ve been trying to straighten stuff out with my boyfriend’s new Soc.Sec. benefits. In between, I’m trying to do research in the effort to improve the chances for a good outcome when I call Jim Jinkins some time soon.

    So, I’ll be writing as soon as I can, though it may not be perfectly revised, depending on time constraints, but I WILL try to edit it down since I tend to get long-winded! LOL


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