Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 2, 2010

Linda Kulp Winner of David L. Harrison Poetry Contest

The word for David L Harrison’s Single Word Inspired Poem for the Month of December was “bones”.  Below is the winning poem, but you can read all the poems by clicking here.


By Linda Kulp                      

After dinner
Mom asked if I
wanted to break the
wishbone with her.
When I said, “No.”
She didn’t say anything
but I could tell
she was hurting.

I was hurting too
remembering how
you and I shared the wishbone
every Thanksgiving.

You’d always laugh,
wrap your fingers tight
around your half
and pretend to snap it
before I was ready.

But then you’d
always let me win
so I could make
my own special wish.

Well, I’m older now,
you’re gone
and wishbones
have lost their magic.

So what good are they?
Wishes don’t come true,
do they,


If you write poems, you should think about showing off on David L Harrison’s Blog.


  1. Thanks for posting me poem!


  2. Linda,

    My pleasure. I love to show off people with talent.

    Happy New Year,



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