Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 19, 2009

Easy Way to Track Your Writing/Illustrating Time

If you are a freelance writer or illustrator you know you spend a lot of time trying to figure out how much to charge your clients.  Or you spend a lot of time writing down the hours and minutes trying to keep an accurate account of your time for the job.  I have two websites that look like they have good tracking software and they are giving potential customers free trials.

The first one I am going to try is yaTimer

It has a 14 day trial.

Second is Tempo

This one has a 30 day trial.

Even if you don’t do any freelance work, I would think it might help you realize how much time you really are devoting to your writing.  Just like tracking everything you eat can help you cut your calories, I bet this could help you focus a certain amount of hours to your writing.

Just a thought.  Kathy


  1. Wow, I would seriously consider using this. I’m sure I’m using only 30% of my day effectively.


    • I went to your blog. How come you don’t have anything about you on there? I think you should consider putting up something about you, your interests etc. Anyway thanks for visiting.



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  3. this looks VERY cool, Kathy! I may have to give it a shot to see if it’s worth it. I didn’t check out fees, but it would definitely come in handy. I know I usually forget to time my artwork! Typically everything takes me twice as long as I think it will! lol


    • Me, too. I always think I can do things faster than I can. I am looking forward to comparing the two software programs, but I know one of them should help me out.



  4. cool software.
    i could certainly make use of it


  5. I’m for anything to make things easy and it looks like one of these may be able to fit that bill.



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