Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 15, 2009

Top Picture Book Submission Subjects

According to the editors at Dutton, they receive a large amount of picture books that use the following subjects.  The editors are not telling you never write a picture book using these topics, just to make sure if you do write a picture book in one of the following areas, please have something that makes it different – something that will set your story apart from the crowd.  Here they are:

1.   First day of school

2.   Going to bed

3.   Cleaning your room 

4.   Tooth Fairy

5.   Christmas/Halloween

6.   Wanting a pet

7.   Dealing with a disability

8.   “Hi!  My name is… and I am seven years old!”

9.   Visiting Grandma and Grandpa (or losing Grandma or Grandpa)

10. New Baby

11.  Barnyard stories

Is your story topic on the list?



  1. (laughing) The only time I had a barnyard tale, it was about a werechicken! Does that count? I guess that’s one good thing about writing really weird stories: nobody’s likely to go, “Hey, that’s just like…” 😉


    • You definitely where not somebody who came to mind.



  2. Mine aren’t up there, and now I’ll make sure they never will be! Thanks for the tips.


  3. Did you get hit bad with the snow? We got 23 inches here. I am snowed in and have a terrible toothache.



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