Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 2, 2009

Liz Korba Winner of Poetry Contest

 We have another New Jersey winner – Liz Korba is November’s winner of the David L Harrison’s Monthly “Word” inspired poem.  The word was Thanks.

Last month, Mimi Cross won.  December’s word is Bones.  Let’s keep the ball rolling.  I know we have a lot of people who like to write poems on this blog, so think about submitting something. 

Here is Liz’s winning poem:

You’re Welcome

by Liz Korba

A gift.
And free
Set free.
(That’s why.)
Need met.
(No debt.)
How powerful!
How unlike prose!
At times
Is a poem.

Click here to read the winning young adult poem written by 7th grader – Claire .


  1. David’s blog is turning into a great little (for now) community, a very supportive group for any writer.
    I encourage anyone who likes to write to try this month’s word!


  2. Mimi,

    Sorry this took me so long to answer. Things were crazy last week. Good luck with the revisions on your new novel and looking forward to seeing what you write up about the process.



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