Posted by: Kathy Temean | November 4, 2009

Mimi Cross Winner of DLH Word Poem

Mimi Cross attended the Toms River Children’s Writing Retreat in the beginning of October and followed my suggestions on getting yourself noticed.  She was in the picture book group and had submitted a story in ryhme.  She probably likes to write poems, because of her musical talents.  Mimi is quite an accomplished singermimi and with a professioinal CD of her songs. 
Anyway, I had told everyone to look for places to show off their talents and one of the places I had mentioned was David L Harrison’s Blog.  He has given poets’ a place to post their poems.  This month was the First Monthly “Word of the Month” poem contest.  The word was “Dirt.”  Mimi entered and today, she was the first winner with her poem DIRT BLUES
She says she will be putting up a mp3 of her Dirt Blue Song. I will add it to this post when I receive it.

Congratulations!  Mimi!

Here is –


When you talk about dirt,
You gotta talk about dig.
When you talk about mud,
You gotta talk about a pig.
Oh baby . . .
How do I make my way?
When I start with common dirt – I naturally head straight for a cliche.
My Grandma said, “You eat a peck
Of dirt before you die.”
But I say, “What the heck?!”
I can avoid that if I try!
Oh Grandma . . .
What can you tell me now?
I gotta write this dirty poem, but I cannot – figure out how.
I guess I’ll start from scratch.
With a wordy mud pie.
That way I’ll use a bit of dirt
And mix it with these tears
I cry . . .
Out of frustration and fear.
I’ve got a grimy little blues song – that no one else will ever hear.
– Mimi Cross

If you get a chance, stop by Mimi’s website and listen to her wonderful voice.  Thank you to David L Harrison for putting in the time on his blog to help show off other talented writers.  If you would like to read the winner of the Young Poets’ WORD OF THE MONTH poem, go to YAAgroup’s BlogThe winner is a 5th grade and she did an excellent job.



  1. Kathy,

    I appreciate your kind words about my blog. Thanks to your splendid guidance, we’re off and running and I’ve been delighted by the number of people who drop by to check us out and/or participate in some way.

    When the voting began for our first contest to determine favorite poems for October, it was great fun to see Mimi’s and Alyssa’s supporters voting for their champions. I expect even more entries this month. Cutoff for posting poems is November 21 and the word for this month is, appropriately, “thanks.”



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