Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 30, 2009

Fleshing Out Your Characters

On Tuesday, I put up a list to help you define the physical characteristics of your characters in your stories.  Here is another list to help you define personal traits.  Hope you find this useful.

Let’s find out more about your characters.personality

1.  What is you character’s full name?

2.  Nickname?  Do they like their nickname?

3.  How old are they?

4.  Date of birth?

5.  Place of birth?

6.  Male or female?

7.  Ethnic background?

8.   Address?

9.   Did they always live at this address?

10. Lives with?

11.  Brothers or sisters?  How many?  Their ages?  Does this character have a favorite?  Does he or she dislike someone in the family?

12.  Any pets?

13.  Does this character like animals?

14.  What is their favorite animal?  Why?

15.  Any hobbies?

16.  Is the hobby unusual?  Take a lot of time?  Cost a lot of money?  What do other around this character think of the hobby?  Do the hobbies ever get done?  Do they cause a mess?  Do they have more than one hobby?

17.  Does this character have a job?  What is it?

18.  Would like to be a_____?

19.  What is their religion?  Who they follow it?  Do they go to church?  Are there any religious conflicts in the family?

20.  Political affiliations?  Parent?  Aunts and Uncle?  What does you character think about politics?

21.  Education level?   Likes or liked school?

22.  Any bad habits?

23.  What is this character afraid of?  Bugs?  Heights?  Snakes?  Ocean?  Blood?  The dark?  Being alone? Death?  God?  The devil?  Mom?  Dad?  School Bully?  Dogs?  Cats?  Horses?  The doctor?

24.  Why is your character afraid of what you just listed?  What does that fear stop them from doing?

25.  Do they have a boyfriend or girlfriend?  Is this person their first?

26.  What food do they like to eat?  What foods do they hate?  Do they eat anything weird?  What is their favorite meal?

27.  What do they like to drink?  Coffee?  Tea?  Soda?  Juice?  Water?  Something stronger?

28.  How is your character’s health?  Have they ever been sick?  Is someone in their family sick?  What does your character think about people who get sick?

29.  Does your character have any bad habits?  What are they?  Are they bothered by their bad habits?  What does the rest of the family think?

30.  Any cousins?  Aunts?  Uncles?

31.  Who is their best friend?

32.  Is this character shy?  Outgoing?  Studious?  Athletic?   Talkative?  Boy crazy?  Girl crazy?  Jokester?  Clumsy?  Bragger?  Cheapskate?  Stingy?  Greedy?  Jealous?  Innocent?  Gullible?

I’ll post another list next week.  Kathy


  1. I bet there’s lots of us that would have liked to know all that information about our spouses before we married them! LOL.
    Thanks for all the helpful lists/guides you’ve been posting to help us in our writing, Kathy.


  2. Kathy,

    Thank you so much for these tips. It’s funny, you think you know your character until you see how much hasn’t been developed. It’s pretty formidable to put it all together and exciting all at the same time.

    I appreciate your help.

    See you soon.


    p.s. It’s Mischief Night–let your bloggers know if you need bail money!!!!!Have some fun.


    • Lisa,

      I’m glad you are taking advantage of the information on my blog and other places. You are off to a good start with your writing.



  3. Its FLESHING out your character. Not flushing


    • Thank you so much for the correction. Wish I had noticed it ten years ago. Better late than never.


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