Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 22, 2009

Four More Authors Join Author Panel

Four more authors join the Author Panel this week. 

ellenEllen Hopkins is a poet, freelance writer, and the award-winning author of twenty nonfiction titles and five NY Times Bestselling novels-in-verse.    She made a big splash into the young adult market in 2004 when Simon & Schuster published CRANK, followed by BURNED, IMPULSE, GLASS, IDENTICAL and TRICKS this year. 

Look for  FALLOUT in 2010 and PERFECT in 2011.






Eileen Spinelli is a highly respected author of 56 children’s books.  Her picture books will make you laugh and they’ll make you cry.  It is so hard to pick a favorite, but I think mine is WHEN YOU ARE HAPPY.  When Eileen read it to 200 SCBWI members in 2008, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place – they were tears of joy.  But who can help laughing with SILLY TILLY or wanting to cuddle with HUG A BUG Of course, SOMEBODY LOVES YOU MR. HATCH is a classic.

If you blink your eyes, you just might miss Eileen’s next book.  She has written and published 15 books in the last two years.  Visit:  


 Jerry Spinelli (Eileen’s  husband) won the Newbery Award for his middle grade book MANIAC MAGEE and grabbed the Newbery Honor Award for WRINGER.  You can’t go wrong picking up and reading a Jerry Spinelli book.  Jerry is the writer who got me hooked on reading middle grade and young adult books.  I was so impressed with his writing that I read all his books and of course, like everyone else fell in love with STARGIRL.  It wasn’t until I finish all his 26 books, that I started picking up other authors novels.  I have to say if you are an adult and haven’t been reading middle grade and young adult books, you are missing wonderful writing and great stories.  They are not just for the young.  Visit:  



 Oh and here is Karma Wilson.  She wrote BEAR SNORES ON.  I LOVE THAT BOOK!  It has everything a picture book could have; perfect rhyme with exquisite rhythm, a wonderful refrain, beautiful artwork by Jane Chapman, a very cute storyline and a loveable bear.  I guess that is why Simon & Schuster has published six in the series.

Karma has 30 picture books under her belt and many more to come.




Last Week  the following authors joined the panel.


David L Harrison, author of 80 children’s books.  He is Poet Laureate for Drury University.  Won the Missourian Award in 2006.  Received an Honorary Doctorate from Missouri State University and Drury University and this year had an elementary school named after him.  I am just starting to read his books, they are filled with joy and insights to life.  I think we can all learn from reading his books and paying attentionto how he uses words.  Poets are really wordsmiths. 

They say Missouri is the show me state, well, I think David has really showed them.  Visit:  


Diane Dawson Hearn has illustrated and written 50 children’s books.  I haven’t read any of her books, yet, but I have seen her artwork and she is a master craftsman.  Her books have been published with Athenium, Albert Whitman, Macmillan, Putnam, Dutton, Simon and Schuster, Holiday House, Scholastic, Random House and Holt.

Diane lives in Virgina.  Visit her website to see her fabulous illustrations




dianneochiltreeDianne Ochiltree has published 8 children’s books.  Her books have been published by Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers, Scholastic, and Simon & Schuster.  You may recognize some of the titles, SIXTEEN RUNAWAY PUMPKINS, MONKEY JAMBOREE, PILLOW PUP, and LULL-ABYE, LITTLE ONE.  She splits her time between PA and FL.  When she is in the Northeast we take full advantage of her knowledge and skills in the NJSCBWI and many of our members have been helped by her expertise.  Visit: 




This is Kristin Clark Venuti.  It is funny how I met Kristin.  I was at dinner with Regina Griffin, editor at Egmont USA.  Regina was very proud of their first atalog and brought Kristin’s debut book LEAVING THE BELLWEATHERS with her and gave it to Laurie Wallmark, who read it and gave it to me.  It is just my kind of book – great unusal characters and a very funny book.  The second book in this series will be out next year.  If  you have a minute go to her website.  I think it is perfect for her book.  Visit:

If you aren’t familiar with the Young Authors and Artists Group, take a minute and visit their site  Or if you have know a young person who likes to write or do artwork, let them know there is a place available to help them become writers and illustrators.


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