Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 20, 2009

New Positions and Poetry Contest

Kara Cesare joins Gallery Books as Executive Editor in November.

At HarperCollins Children’s, Alison Donalty has been promoted to Executive Art Director.


Tapestry of Bronze Fall 2009 Contest

The Tapestry of Bronze is sponsoring a series of poetry contests to celebrate Greek and Roman mythology and the Olympian gods. The subject of the fourth contest is Demeter (also known as Ceres), the Goddess of the Harvest. The deadline is November 30, 2009.

All poems remain the property of the authors. However, Tapestry of Bronze reserves the right to post winning poems and those receiving Honorable Mention on the Tapestry of Bronze website. Furthermore, interest has been expressed in setting the poems to music.

E-mail your poem (no more than 30 lines) to the following address:   

Do not e-mail any ATTACHMENTS! Paste the poem into the e-mail instead. Don’t get fancy with your formatting – pretty pictures and peculiar fonts are distracting and may irritate the judges. Please limit your creativity to your poem.

MAKE SURE your poem is about Demeter / Ceres. 

Please include your real name, and your alias if you have one. Make sure we can respond to your e-mail. If you are are under 18 please include your birthdate; otherwise, simply indicate that you’re an adult!

Entries will be evaluated by the owners of the Tapestry of Bronze and additional experts at their discretion. No cost enter, but each contestant can only enter once, so take time to make your poem your best!

The first prize winner in each age group (“Under 18” and “18 and Over”) will receive $50. Honorable Mentions may be awarded as well, but without cash prizes. If no poem is of sufficient quality, no prizes will be awarded.


  1. Hi Kathy,
    Could you post a mention for the 28th annual writing contest sponsored by Southwest Writers? There are 14 categories, one of which is Fiction or Nonfiction Children’s Picture Book. Editors/agents select the top three entries in each category. Cash prizes are awarded including a $1,000 Storyteller Award. Info at


    • Andy,

      I hope you noticed it in my post this week about contests. Thanks for sending.



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