Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 19, 2009

Spinelli’s Team Up for New Book

Anyone who has read any of Eileen Spinelli’s books or Jerry Spinelli’s books knows how talented they both are and if you have ever met either one of them, I know you were impressed my their personality, kindness and warmth.  Lucky us, now we have a double Spinelli book filled with daily advice and insight.

In dated entries meant to be read one per day, the Spinelli’s open with a brief quote from children’s literature, write a paragraph of lively advice inspired by that quote, and end with a “Today I will . . .” promise. The entries range from the broad (self-esteem, the environment, gratitude, and open-mindedness) to the simple and specific (Today I will call a grandparent . . . smile at a new kid . . . take a walk . . . and send a snail-mail letter.). 

Below is one entry.  I am thinking this would be a perfect book to have on your desk and give to a friend.  I know I am saying, “Today I will buy this book.”  Click Here to read more and buy.



  1. This was so inpsirational for me today because today I had some bad news. I love the idea of starting each day with one single promise. I love it. I think I’ll blog about that too… Thanks for the spark Kathy (and Jerry and Eileen!)


  2. You know I LOVE the Spinellis! I think it’s so great that they did a book together of writing inspiration. I bought “Walking with Alligators” when I found out that it was Jerry’s go-to book for when he started a new writing project. The setup of this one seems similar.

    I will add it to my Christmas list for Santa!


  3. Great idea! I really enjoyed meeting and listening to them at the Conference in 2008. I just finished “Take Joy, a book for writers,” by Jane Yolen. Was a delightful book.


  4. Thanks for the tip, Kathy! I love the Eileen and Jerry Spinelli! In case my response didn’t make it back to you, here it goes:
    Hi Kathy,

    Thanks for the feedback. I am working with artists who is quite busy, so we are taking suggestions and reworking the entire book once I feel that I know what the changes need to be. The pacing is off. I think that you are right that it is a dialogue issue. let me work on that and post again in a day or two.

    I created the video with a Sony (HDR-XR100), basically a hard drive high definition video camera. I purchased it at London Drugs for $698.00, but I have also used my cheap Canon $200.00 camera (make sure that purchase one that shoots video and audio; some shoot video without audio) and an SD card and done the same thing. The key is that you need to convert the video to a Windows Media file or a WAV file and that can be done on WordPress as an option when you upload. If you blog at a site that does not have the same features as WordPress, then you download a program called, AOA DVD Ripper, a free download is available for a 60 day (I think that it’s 60 days still) trial. The cost of the program is about $35.00 US to purchase. I held the camera myself and it took literally 3 or so minutes to capture it. Then, I used a fire wire to hook my video camera to my computer and downloaded the video after installing the software that came on a disc with the camera. the software is called, “PMB or Picture Motion Browser), a standard software as far as Sony and Canon cameras go.

    Thanks for the advice about putting something up about myself. I will do that right away. I have never had a blog before, so I greatly appreciate your advice. I will work on my next revision and post something by tomorrow. Oh, ya, I almost forgot to tell you that I was able to upload video for free, but there is a limit on how much space I get. I have decided to pay for one year of extra space, which is $59.00 on this site.

    Until next time!


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