Posted by: Kathy Temean | September 28, 2009

Contest for Illustrators

logo-calendarioCultural Association “Tapirulan”, with the sponsorship of “Centro Fumetto
Andrea Pazienza” and “Associazione Illustratori”, is proud to announce the
fifth edition of the contest for illustrators. Purpose of the competition
is to select the thirty authors to be included in the exhibition «Gli
illustratori di Tapirulan» (The illustrators of Tapirulan), to be held in
Cremona from January 9th 2010 to January 24th.

After Tony Wolf, Milo Manara and Silver, jury is now directed by another famous cartoonist:
Sergio Toppi. all thirty illustrations selected by the jury will be
published on the Calendar of year 2010, which is, as well, the catalogue
of the exhibition. Twelve images will be shown in full page, one per
month, and eighteen more will be published in appendix. During the
inauguration of the exhibition – January 9th 2010 – the first prize of
1000 Euro will be awarded to the winner. An additional prize of 300 Euro
will be awarded to the author of the illustration which got most votes by
users of the site  

You can participate to the contest by sending your work in square format
(minimum size 25×25 cm, maximum 40×40 cm) by October 23rd 2009 – You can
as well participate by sending digital images by drawing up the specific
website form, where you can also find
all the information and details about the competition itself. The theme is
“It’s sheer madness”. You can be inspired by episodes, characters, real or
imaginary situations that relate to something incredible, absurd,
grotesque, senseless, exaggerated, bizarre… In short, anything that
makes you say: “it’s sheer madness!”

tel: +39 335 7074038

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