Posted by: Kathy Temean | September 27, 2009

NJ SCBWI Dinner, Success and Inspiration

Thursday night we had dinner in NYC with:

logoRonnie Herman owner of Herman Literary Agency, recently signed one of our authors this summer after our June conference (Eileen Kennedy-Moore), but that is not why I invited Ronnie to dinner.  I have always respected the Herman Agency and never had them out to any of our New Jersey events.  So when I meet Ronnie’s new agent, Jill Corcoran on Twitter, I asked her if she would be interested in coming to our June conference in Princeton.  She flew herself all the way across the country to attend.  Jill was great with everyone and we loved her.  Since all the faculty was donating there time to come out to dinners with our members and Jill being on the West Coast, I asked Jill if she thought she could get Ronnie to agree to do a dinner.  Ronnie was very gracious (the perfect word for her) and said, “Yes.”  Very nice lady.  It is easy to see why she has been so successful.  I plan to ask Ronnie if she will do something in the future with the NJSCBWI.

 disneyScott Piehl, current Director, Design, Disney Book Group suggested that illustrators should submit artwork to children’s magazines like Cricket.  He says that many art directors fine new talent from there.  Click here for more:


home-zebra2Meryl Jones Artist Rep. and owner of Craven Designs.

Before Thursday night I hadn’t met Meryl Jones.  It is funny how I found her.  I was checking my stats on my blog and someone had come over to my blog from Craven Design, so I clicked to see if they had mentioned me.  They hadn’t, but I found a Artist Rep site, representing many talented artists.  I picked up the phone and talked to Meryl and explained who I was and how I found her.  We hit it off right away, so I invited her to join us the next night.  Meryl is great! Lots of personality, lots of fun and someone who deeply cares about her clients.  She was a wonderful addition to our dinner and everyone enjoyed meeting her.  I hope she will join us again at one of our events.


 Jill Corcoran who was hired by Ronnie Herman earlier this year signed writer Eric Geron after meeting him at our June conference in Princeton.  She is excited to represent him and says Eric is a hugh talent.  I am always excited when I can be part of making a good match.  It shows the importance of getting yourself out there and making connections.

Congratulations! Eric and Jill and good luck.  I hope to hear back from you soon about a contract.

She should visit Jill’s Blog

Just couldn’t help myself with this one.  I know it has been all over the Internet, but I thought it might spark and idea for a book about a dancing baby . 


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