Posted by: Kathy Temean | September 21, 2009

Simple Things to Remember

There are so many things you need to do when you are a writer, such as; networking, trying to find the right publisher, editor, or agent, finding your voice, etc., that we can easily forget the three most important things every writer has to do. I thought I would state them as a reminder to myself and the rest of you that lead very busy lives.

1. Write.
It is very easy to let days slip by without writing. The very successful writers have a schedule. Some time set aside that they use to write. Such a simple idea, but one that life likes to fool with, so having a plan will help keep you on track. Just think if you only wrote 100 words a day, but the end of a year, you would have a novel.

2. Finish what you are writing.  Ideas are always flowing into our heads and that is a good thing, except how many times  have you started a story, put it down and start writing something else?  I know I have quite a few unfinished novels in my desk.  Nothing can happen unless you finish what you start.

3. Send it out.   Now here is the one where I need to focus.  I think I am going to make a big sign in my office to remind me to – SEND IT OUT!  How are you ever going to get published if you don’t submit anything?  You’re not!

So remember these three simple steps on your road the publication. 



  1. Excellent points, Kathy!


  2. I journal daily, and even though this is not the same as working on one of my MS, the effect it has is that of ease and fluidity when I do sit down to create or edit – I never feel like I’ve been away from my work very long because my “writing brain” is always on.


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