Posted by: Kathy Temean | August 24, 2009

24 Children’s Authors Worth Following on Twitter

  • On May 8th, 2009 Cameron Chapman wrote an article for about authors on twitter.  She based it on authors who try to carry on a conversation with their followers and present information they might find valuable.
  • Below is the list of Children’s authors active on Twitter.  I have added a few to the list. 

@AnnemazerAnne Mazer is the author of the picture books “The No-Nothings and Their Baby,” “The Fixits,” “The Salamander Room,” “The Yellow Button,” and “Watch Me.” She’s also written a number of novels aimed at young adult and middle grade readers, including “The Oxboy” and “The Accidental Witch.” She’s very engaged with her followers, tweets about daily life, and retweets tons of great content.

@asuen1  –  Anastasia Suen  is an author of 114 children’s books.  She is a former classroom teacher, consultant, a writing instructor at SMU and online, has a wonderful website, loaded with information, 5 book blogs and she still finds time to twitter.  

@barrylygaBarry Lyga is the author of five young adult novels, including “Hero Type,” “The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl,” and the upcoming “Goth Girl Rising.” He tweets about books, writing, and daily life.

@bonnyglenMelissa Wiley is the author of eight young adult novels that follow the young lives of the great-grandmother and grandmother of Laura Ingalls Wilder. Her novels include “Little House in the Highlands,” “Down to the Bonny Glen,” “On Tide Mill Lane,” and “Across the Puddingstone Dam.” She tweets about her daily life.

@CarinBergerCarin Berger is a children’s book author, designer, and illustrator. Her books include “Not So True Stories and Unreasonable Rhymes,” “The Little Yellow Leaf,” and “OK Go!” She tweets about writing, illustrating, and daily life.

@cynbalog – Cynthia Balog is a debut author of a young adult FAIRY TALE (Delacorte).  Her second book SLEEPLESS is coming out in July 2010 from Delacorte.

@cyntheaCynthea Liu is the author of two young adult novels: “The Great Call of China” and the upcoming “Paris Pan Take the Dare.” She’s also the author of the book “Writing for Children and Teens: A Crash Course.” She tweets about daily life and is very engaged with her followers.

@CynthiaCWillisCynthia Chapman Willis is the author of two young adult novels: “Dog Gone” and “Buck Fever.” She mostly tweets about life and her own writing process.

EllenHopkinsYAEllen Hopkins is the Author of  7 Young adult books that includes, CRANK.  Her new book “tricks” hit the shelve this month. She is also a Regional Advisor for SCBWI.

@JeannineNorrisJeannine Norris is the author of  TONIGHT YOU ARE MY BABY.  Take a minute to check her out.

@KarmaWilson  Karma Wilson is the author of 27 children’s books – BEAR SNORES ON is one of them and one of my favorites.  Karma tweets and blogs and has a great website.

@LaurelSnyderLaurel Snyder is the author of two upcoming children’s novels: “Up and Down the Scratchy Mountains: Or The Search for a Suitable Princess” and “Any Which Wall,” as well as the picture book, “Inside the Slidy Diner.” She’s very engaged with her followers and regularly tweets about her writing and daily life.

@LaurelBaratzLLauren Baratz Logsted is the author of a number of books for children, teens, and adults. Her titles include “The Sisters Eight” series for children, “Angel’s Choice” and “Secrets of My Suburban Life” for teens, and “Baby Needs a New Pair of Shoes” and “How Nancy Drew Saved My Life.” She tweets about books, her writing, and daily life.

@lisa_mcmannLisa McMann is the author of the “Wake” trilogy (”Wake,” “Fade,” and the upcoming “Gone”). She tweets about daily life and her writing process.

@lkggLK Gardner-Griffie is the author of “Misfit McCabe” and “Nowhere Feels Like Home.” She tweets about her books, writing, and life in general.

@maureenjohnsonMaureen Johnson is the author of numerous young adult novels, including “Suite Scarlett” and “13 Little Blue Envelopes.” She tweets about her work and life as a writer and is very engaged with her followers.

@megcabotMeg Cabot is the author of more than 40 books for children, teenagers, and adults. Her novels include “The Princess Diaries” series, “Ransom My Heart,” and “Jinx.” She tweets about her daily life, books, and a lot about pop culture.

@moyergirlJoyce Hostetter is the author of 3 middle grade, young adult novels.  BLUE, HEALING WATER, and BEST FRIENDS FOREVER. She tweets, blogs and has a website.

@RebeccaMoestaRebecca Moesta is the author and co-author of more than 15 “Young Jedi Knights” novels for young adults, among other books. Her tweets mostly revolve around daily life.

@sarahdessenSarah Dessen is the author of a number of young adult novels aimed at teenage girls. Her books include “Along for the Ride” and “The Truth About Forever,” among others. She tweets about her work and daily life as a writer.

@saxtonstudioPatricia Saxton is the author and illustrator of two books.  Her first picture book titled, BOOK OF MERMAIDS and her second just came out titled FAIRIES.  Take a minute to enjoy Patricia’s beautiful art.

@ShaneBerryhillShane Berryhill is a writer and illustrator. He’s the author of “The Adventures of Chance Fortune” young adult science fiction series of books. He tweets about literature, writing, and his daily life, with the occasional song from

@susanwrites – Susan Taylor Brown is the author of a number of children’s and middle grade books, including the middle grade verse novel “Hugging the Rock,” “Smalls Sails to Freedom” and “Oliver’s Must-Do List.” She tweets about her work and her writing.

@TraceyBaptiste – Tracey Baptiste is the author of midle grade novel, ANGEL’S GRACE.  She also authored three non-fiction books.  She Tweets, Blogs and has an informative website.

Click link to read the list of all authors that Cameron Chapman listed in her article.  

Looking for more?  Here is a list of YA authors

And a list of PB authors on twitter:


  1. I never saw this post before, Kathy. Thanks for including me.

    I also see I have more authors to follow…


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