Posted by: Kathy Temean | July 25, 2009

Susan O’Keefe Children’s Author Sells Adult Fiction

If you don’t remember Susan O’Keefe from her time as New Jersey’s Regional Advisor, you may know her from her famous book, ONE HUNGRY MONSTER.


I’m sure you will remember when you hear the first couple of stanzas.  It sold millions of copies.

One Hungry Monster
Underneath my bed
moaning and groaning
begging to be fed.

Two hungry monsters
at my closet door
chewing up my sneakers,
asking me for more.

Well, David Caruba, another former RA, brought Susan’s debut entry into the adult book market to my attention, this week while I was on vacation.  Her debut was announced by Random House in a publishing industry e-letter:


Susan Heyboer O’Keefe’s THE PATCHWORK MAN builds on the classic Frankenstein, exploring what would have happened had the monster survived the icy tundra at the end of Mary Shelley’s landmark novel, moving from a decaying Venice, to the British countryside, to the Orkney Islands, and finally to a Northumbrian coal mine, to Heather Proulx at Three Rivers Press, in a pre-empt, by Steven Chudney at The Chudney Agency.


SCBWI members, take note: Besides being the agent for this adult book, Steven Chudney is also the agent for Susan’s children’s books. And—she met him while working at one of our own NJ conferences. This is just one more illustration of the kind of top-notch people the New Jersey chapter gets for its events. It also illustrates the networking opportunities that come with volunteering.


Congratulations, Susan!  We love hearing success stories like yours. I could be wrong, but I smell movie deal on this  one. 


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