Posted by: Kathy Temean | July 10, 2009

Editor News

Ruth Katcher has joined Egmont USA as editor-at-large. Most recently she was an executive editor at Harper Children’s.  At dinner the other night, Regina Griffin shared Egmont’s first catalogs with us and she even gave out some advanced copies for us to read.  It is quite impressive to see what a few people at Egmont accomplished.  I am sure they are glad to have the additional from Ruth.

Leis Pederson has been promoted to associate editor for the Berkley publishing group.

Albert BorrisCrash Into Me hit the book shelves this week.  Hallee Adleman brought it with her to NYC dinners this week and even though she just started reading it, she said she was enjoying the book.  Albert suffered a stroke this past year and is recovering nicely, but it would be nice to check out his book and consider buying it.  I know I will as soon as I get to the bookstore.  Good luck Albert.

One of the nice things we do at our editor/agent dinners is to introduce ourselves and tlak about what we have written and now working on.  So we showed off published books and picture book dummies and talked about works-in-progress.  The editors and agents were very open to listening and giving feedback about ideas.  Everyone was very with the whole evening.

We still have a couple of spots open for the additional dinner in July and August.  It’s a great way to smooze.


  1. sounds like fun, Kathy!



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