Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 29, 2009

Andrew Karre Looking for YA



Updated 04/20/2009

Carolrhoda accepts limited solicited submissions from unagented authors. Carolrhoda does not accept unsolicited submissions from unagented authors, so please do not submit anything not described below.

Here’s what I’m looking for now:

Young adult novels, particularly first-person, voice-driven YA. I’m not really interested in high fantasy, but urban and dark fantasy are in bounds. Serious realistic YA is lovely, as long as it has character. Debuts enthusiastically welcomed.

I’m also looking for short, standalone middle grade.

Here’s how you should send it to me:

Please email a very brief query/cover and your manuscript. Include the word “QUERY” in the subject. Please put the query in the body of the email and the completed manuscript as an attachment. Microsoft Word or RTF only. All others deleted with prejudice. Click here to email.

And that’s it. Sorry, I am not considering paper queries or submissions.

Andrew Karre

Good opportunity,  Kathy


  1. hey…this a v.nice blog…especially for wannabe writers :o) Do you get time to checkout blogs? It would be easier to find new authors.
    For instance, what i’m really saying is…could you check out mine 🙂 ? I’ve recently written a short story in 7 parts called “totally taboo”. based on an Indian couple. I’d be obliged if you would give me your opinion. I’ve been writing for many years now. Since i was in 6th grade.


  2. What is the address of your blog?



  3. theres another story called “cover me.” just search for it in the blog. its about child abuse…but in a different manner.


  4. -this is the address…but this is the 3rd time im trying…just click on my nickname and it’ll take u to my blog and profile page.


  5. just click on my name. ul reach my profile page n thereon u can reach my blog “totally taboo.”


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