Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 28, 2009

Don’t Miss Art Exhibit Ends April 30th

Visual artists seem to have a penchant for travel. Whether to seek out fresh subject matter or experiences, many leave their studios and countries behind to explore new worlds. In Pursuit of the Exotic: Artists Abroad in 19th-Century Egypt and the Holy Land, focuses on select group of 19th- century European artists, written into art history as “Orientalists,” who depicted exotic lands that had existed on the edge of European consciousness until their rediscovery in the 18th century. It is organized by the Dahesh Museum of Art and presented at Syracuse University’s Palitz Gallery at Lubin House, 11 East 61st Street, off Fifth Avenue.  

Syracuse University Lubin House is located in New York City on East 61st Street between Madison and Fifth Avenues. The House is the center of a wide range of alumni activity both social and educational as well as a venue for classes, seminars, independent study programs for students, and interviews and auditions for prospective students.

Address: Syracuse University Lubin House
11 East 61st Street
New York, NY 10065
Main number:  212-826-0320
Fax:  212-826-0331


  1. I’m a writer with a lot of wanderlust. Since traveling can be cost prohibitive and not always convenient, taking a little trip into the city to look at wonderful artwork is transportive and can give both illustrators and writers a springboard into a story. Thanks for this, Kathy.


    • Yes, wouldn’t be be nice to travel the world painting what you see? Anyway, I’m with you and do think art can trigger story ideas. Thanks for the comment.



  2. Yeah Syracuse — my alma mater! Kathy, the Lubin House is where we saw the Michelangelo exhibit in November as I’m sure you remember. For anyone who has never been there, it’s a very nice little gallery in mid-town — and easy to find, too.


    • I thought that was the same place. It really is a nice place. I wish I wans’t so busy getting ready for the conference, so we coul dhave gone up for the afternoon.



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