Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 24, 2009

Authors on Twitter

     Check it out.  Your favorite author may be on Twitter.  If not, check out the ones that are and discover new the new talent on Twitter.  I have listed two blogs that are keeping the author lists.  One of my favorite picture books is Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson and she is on Twitter.  We have had a couple tweets and she is as wonderful as her books.


Mitali Perkins has compiled a list of 123 YA authors.  I am sure it will grow, so check back now and then to see.  Here is the first 25 with the link to the rest.  Enjoy.


Young Adult Authors on Twitter


  1.    Susan Adrian @@susan_adrian

  2.    Jill S. Alexander @jillsalexander

  3.    Tara Altebrando @TaraAltebrando

  4.    Laurie Halse Anderson @halseanderson

  5.    R. J. Anderson @rj_anderson

  6.    Joelle Anthony @joellewrites

  7.    Andrew Auseon @andrewauseon

  8.    Kim Baccellia @ixtumea

  9.    Cyn Balog @cynbalog

10.    Jennifer Lynn Barnes @jenlynnbarnes

11.    Lauren Barnholdt @laurenbarnholdt

12.    Clare Bell @rathacat

13.    Robin Benway @robinbenway

14.    Jonathan Bernstein @jbpeevish

15.    Holly Black @hollyblack

16.    Coe Booth @coebooth

17.    Robin Brande @Robin_Brande

18.    Heather Brewer @heatherbrewer

19.    Susan Taylor Brown @susanwrites

20.    Meg Cabot @megcabot

21.    Janet Lee Carey @janetleecarey

22.    Ceil Castellucci @cecilseaskull

23.    Susane Colasanti @susanecolasanti

24.    Deborah Copeland @authorgrl

25.    Paula Chase Hyman @Paulachy


For the rest of list go to


Tara Lazar is compiling a list of Picture Book Authors on Twitter.  If you have a picture book and you are on Twitter, please let her know.

Picture Book Authors on Twitter

  1. Bonnie Adamson @BonnieAdamson
  2. Carin Berger @CarinBerger
  3. Deborah Blumenthal @DeborahBlu
  4. Susan Taylor Brown @Susanwrites
  5. Heather Ayris Burnell @HeatherAyris
  6. Tara Larsen Chang @TLCillustration
  7. Rob Christianson @RobChristianson
  8. Susan Crites @SusanCrites
  9. Kristy Dempsey @KristyDempsey
  10. Brandi Dougherty @BrandiDougherty
  11. Elizabeth Dulemba @Dulemba
  12. Wendy Edelson @WendyEdelson
  13. Carol Gordon Ekster @CEkster
  14. Claudia Golden @Claudiamm37
  15. Kakie Fitzsimmons @KakieF
  16. Alison Ashley Formento @AFormento
  17. Roz Fulcher @Rozzieland
  18. Neil Gaiman @NeilHimself
  19. K.L. Going @KLGoing
  20. Lorie Ann Grover @LorieAnnGrover
  21. Anette Heiberg @AnetteHeiberg
  22. Ryan Hipp @HippHop
  23. Oliver Jeffers @OliverJeffers
  24. Ward Jenkins @wardomatic
  25. Dani Jones @danidraws

Read the rest of the list at:


  1. Hi! I’d love to be added to your picture book Twitter list!


    • Will add you to my list. Thanks for leaving me a ocmment. Kathy


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