Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 14, 2009

Greg Ferguson, editor at Egmont USA

Egmont USA is based in New York. It launches its quality list of young adult and middle grade fiction and picture books in
the fall of 2009. Their books will be sold across all key market sectors with a focus on trade, school and library markets. Random House is handling U.S. sales and distribution.  This is a good oportunity for authors and illustrators
to get with a large company, but still have the ground floor advantages of a new company.  Their first list of 15 books will publish in Fall 2009.

To give you a little background, Egmont is one of the largest publishers in Europe with activities in 23 countries.  Last year they opened their doors with the hiring of Elizabeth Law from Simon & Schuster as Vice President and Publisher.  She hired Regina Griffin away from Holiday House to be their Executive Editor.  I invited Regina to the NJSCBWI Annual Conference in 2008, where she talked to us about all the big plans Egmont USA has in the works.  Regina is one of the big names in the children’s industry and besides being very  knowledgable, she is very friendly an open to helping new authors.  We immediately liked her and saw the opportunities that Egmont represented. 

Regina introduced me to Greg Ferguson, when he joined EgmonUSA in November 2008 (They stole him away from HarperCollins Children’s Books, where he worked for nearly four years). He came to our mentoring workshop in February and we were impressed with his maturity and editing knowledge.  I hope  New Jersey will see a lot more of him in the future.  At Egmont, Greg is responsible for acquiring and editing his own projects and working alongside Regina Griffin (executive editor) and Elizabeth Law (publisher) on other titles published by Egmont. 

At HarperCollins, he had the pleasure of editing Hilari Bell, Oisín McGann, Jane Langton, Anne Rockwell, and Seymour Simon and working with Walter Dean Myers, J.T. Dutton, Ryan Smithson, and Jacquelyn Mitchard among others. Illustrators that he worked with included Steve Björkman, Dan Andreasen, David McPhail, Paul Meisel, Lizzy Rockwell, and Alix Delinois.  

Greg’s primary areas of interest for acquisition at Egmont includes boy’s adventure fiction (realistic or fantasy—think RANGER’S APPRENTICE for the fantasy genre), middle-grade ghost stories, horror novel (or series) for tweens, edgy and realistic YA fiction, and humorous stories for middle-grade or tweens.

Egmont USA does not accept unsolicited manuscripts, so look for an SCBWI event where you can meet them to help you get through the door.  Or ask your agent about them.

Please let me know if you find this type of information helpful.



  1. Congratulations to Greg. Working with him at Harper/Collins was a real pleasure!


  2. Despite the fact that you have few comments on your blog, lots of people are reading. I’ve referred a number of people myself. You are providing great information, and I am now a daily reader! Thanks for doing this every day.


  3. Hi Greg–good to connect with you! I enjoyed working with you at Harper.



  4. Very helpful!


    • Tioka,

      Thanks for letting me know.



  5. Kathy, this is extremely helpful. Thanks for all the background information on Edgmont!



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