Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 7, 2009

BookExpo America

BEA Returns to NYC , The Publishing Capital of The World 

May 28th- May 30th  –   the largest publishing event in North America.  You’ll find Booksellers, Publishers, Educators, Librarians, Authors, Agents, Editors on the exhibit floor.  Authors having breakfast and lunch with attendees.  Autographing area where you can meet best-selling authors.  Too many things going on to list.  Go to to read everything – even if you can’t attend, it’s nice to know who is going and what’s going on.  If you do go, get a good nights sleep, wear a comfortable pair of shoes – The Javitz Center is huge and bring a nice big tote for all the goodies you pick up.

The day before on May 27th, Writer’s Digest  is having a writers conference.  The big finale of the day is something they call PITCH SLAM.  Sixty-six agents and a handful of editors are participating this year in PITCH SLAM.   

What’s Pitch Slam? It’s two hours where the attendees have three minutes to pitch their story to an agent.  There are no set appointments.  Each agent has a dedicated line.  Once the pitch slam begins pick an agent’s line and wait for your turn. First come, first served.  They guarantee you will have an opportunity to pitch. Once you get through the line and have made your pitch, you can get back in another line.

If you go, let me know what you thought.  I’d love to post it.bea_logo21


  1. I went to the winter ALA last year. Great experience, and well worth doing if one of these conference/conventions is near you. I’m sure BEA is the same.



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