Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 3, 2009

Meredith Kaffel of Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency.

       Meredith Kaffel is looking for “both children’s and adult clients. For children’s books, her first love is YA. Her YA tastes run the gamut from the highly literary (especially fish out of water tales, outsider stories told teetering from the edge, high concept novels taking on themes with gravity, up-market historical fantasy and stories involving the arts in some way), to the highly commercial (teen paranormal with a twist, high school dramas and friendship sagas, anything with sass and attitude, etc). For YA, the most important thing to get right is voice. She also enjoys smart middle-grade fiction, and will take on the occasional quirky picture book manuscript. She is actively looking for new illustrators as well — for both the picture book and graphic novel/comic markets.
      As for adult manuscripts, I’m primarily looking for narrative nonfiction (specifically books dealing with food, science, international themes, feminism, cultural trends, art and literary history, music, and general “juicy” history and biography), and the rare literary novel that steals my heart. I tend to be drawn more toward darkly wry and edgy fiction than novels brimming with sugar-and-sunshine, but my rule about taking on a project is that there are no set rules. I just have to love it.”
      You can contact Meredith via email or snail mail queries. For email, please send to, and for snail mail, to: Meredith Kaffel Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency, 65 Bleecker St., Ste. 12, New York, NY 10012. For initial queries, she prefers a query letter along with 1-3 sample chapters for fiction, or a proposal for nonfiction.”

You can read more about Meredith at


  1. This is out of left field but could you check out a book called “Grown and Saved” by Apostle Monique McMiller. This is her first book. She is a former drug addict, exotic dancer, a pimp and a hustler. She wrote this book about her former life, I think her present life makes more interesting reading.


    • Vanessa,

      I will certainly give it a look, but right now I am so busy making our annual writers conference a success that it probably will be a while.



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