Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 27, 2009

Career Building Magazine Writing

Writing for magazines is an excellent way to boost your publishing credits, and bring in a little extra cash. Check out the following sites to find a home for your article:

Family Fun
Kid Zone
Ranger Rick

Hopscotch Magazine Submission Guidelines
Boys’ Quest Magazine Submission Guidelines
Fun For Kidz Magazine Submission Guidelines
Download current open theme list (PDF)

Cobblestone Publishing Group Magazines

APPLESEEDS – general history and cultures (for ages 6-9)
CALLIOPE – world history (for ages 9-14)
COBBLESTONE – American history (for ages 9-14)
DIG – archeology (for ages 9-14)
FACES – world cultures and geography (for ages 9-14)
ODYSSEY – science (for ages 9-14)

Illustrators’ Guidelines

Cobblestone Publishing magazines select articles by detailed query letter.

Cricket Magazine Group Literary Magazines

BABYBUG – for babies and toddlers
LADYBUG – for ages 2-6
SPIDER – for ages 6-9
CRICKET – for ages 9-14
CICADA – for ages 14 and up

Our “bug magazines” accept unsolicited manuscripts. (There is currently, however, a moratorium on submissions for CICADA.)

Cricket Magazine Group Nonfiction Magazines

CLICK – opening windows for young minds (for ages 3-6)
ASK – arts and sciences for kids (for ages 6-9)
MUSE – the magazine of life, the universe, and pie throwing (for ages 9 and up)

Our science and ideas magazines seek writers with subject expertise. Those interested in writing for these magazines should submit a resume and several writing samples.

Thank you Jeannine Norris for bringing this topic up on your blog.

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