Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 21, 2009

More On the Move

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY reports that Abrams/Amulet has hired Erica Perl as an
Editor at Large.
She will work out of her home in Washington, D.C., to
acquire books for preschoolers.

Perl is the author of upcoming CHICKEN BUTT! and other books, and this
is her blog:
Her author bio says she was published in CRICKET at the age of eight.

Abrams and Amulet do not accept unagented fiction submissions, but will
look at nonfiction for kids:

In August the new imprint Harlequin Teen will issue its first titles. “The imprint will initially consist of trade paperbacks, hardcovers and digital publications, and it will
encompass a spectrum of genres including fantasy, contemporary,
historical, science fiction and—no surprise—romance.” The first two
titles are in that hot category of “paranormal romance.”

Harlequin accepts unagented submissions as described at this webpage:

Brian Farrey is the new acquiring editor at Flux, Llewellyn’s teen
imprint. He comes out of the Publicity Department, which is an unusual
background for an editor, but at a small, focused organization it can
make sense. Furthermore, Farrey has an MFA in writing and an obvious
enthusiasm about literature.
Cynthia Leitich Smith just interviewed Farrey at:
Among the market items: “I’m dying to see a really well-written YA

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