Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 15, 2009

Creating Characters

Besides taking the time to create an outline to plot out your novel, take the time to write down a description for each character in your book.  Make note of every detail.  Not only their phsyical looks like, height, weight, skin color, hair, posture, but what things they like?  What do they wear?  Write down everything, even their underwear.  What are their favorite foods.  How do they smell?  Do your characters have any special skills, talents or unusal habits?  What about their voice?  Do some speak with an accent, stutter, use big words, etc.?  What do they hate, love, want desire?  Include obsessions, fears and aversions, traits found far beneath what the other characters in the book may perceive or understand.  Even if some of the traits you write down never see the light of day, it will help you understand your characters better and make each one unique, which is a good thing for your readers. 


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